Hell Opened

It should't have happened the way it did. I was an idiot. At the time, I was dating a guy who I'd repeatedly caught cheating on me. Something possesed me to hack his Facebook (where I found more evidence). I left his Facebook open on my computer. My mother came into my room and said she needed to borrow my laptop. I said yes, forgetting what was up. I hear a scream from the gameroom. The color drained from my face. She had seen where it said "Soandso is in a relationship with Chase O'Neal." I bolted down the stairs, remembering her threat from many years ago about kicking me out if she ever found out I was gay and had a boyfriend. She slammed into me as I fumbled with the lock. Her hands wrapped into my hair and she dragged me into her bedroom. She called dad and he rushed home from work. As he entered the bedroom, he raised his hand and slapped me. "How could you do this to us? What are we supposed to tell everyone? Do you realize how much shame you've brought on this family?" I was still in shock that he had dared to hit me. Anger turned to rage, which then morphed into a deep hate. "Go to your room. And stay there. Do not come out for any reason." I went, feeling the calm before the storm. As soon as my door closed, I broke down in tears. I ran to my bathroom and threw up. How could they go from loving me to hating everything about me in a matter of seconds? From that moment on, nothing I did was good enough. No amount of A's, no number of awards for piano or saxophone. I was stupid and would never amount to anything. I've sat in the shadows these past four years, waiting and watching. Waiting for the right moment to stand up for myself and leave for good.
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So sorry you had to experience this. Never stop being who you are