Fuuck Me

A group of our closest couple-friends decided to go to the beach and take a long 4th of July break this year. Besides me and my husband, there were 6 other couples, and we took full advantage of being away from the pressures of home. We rented a row of cute little 1 bedroom bungalows, and we drank and ate and swam all day long. It was a really fun group that was a nice mix of singles and marrieds, with all of us in our thirties. To the delight of the guys, the girls did all kinds of sexy-goofy games during the day: Wet t-shirt; hotdog deep-throating; hulu hoop contest; and bikini crab crawl. Of the contests, the hulu hoop one was the most fun.....and sexiest. Each of us 7 girls (all slender and hot of course!!) put on little beach skirts and ******** off our bikini bottoms. One girl brought a bunch of new weighted plastic ben-wa balls, and gave us each one as a party gift. Most of us had never used ben-wa's before, so it was quite an experience just figuring out how to use them. One at a time a girl would get a ball lubed up and insert it inside. By the way, even in a skirt, it is impossible to insert a ball without exposing your ***** (not that we tried that hard!). So all the guys enjoyed seeing all those clean shaved v-g's! Once the ball was in, she had to stand in the middle of a circle of all our friends and stand with her feet two feet apart, and start hulu-hooping. The contest was to see which girl could keep the ben-wa ball in the longest while keeping the hulu hoop up. It was really funny, and a lot intimidating for us girls!! I made it 22 seconds before the ball shot out of me and onto the sand. My time was respectable, and my time was in the middle of the pack. One girl (the one who brought the balls) went almost 3 minutes!! Obviously she had been using these balls for awhile! Now that's a toned vagina! The guys were very envious of her boyfriend. If we do this next year, I promised Jim, my husband, that I would practice until I could keep TWO balls in for 5 minutes. He was very excited about that!

We even tried to see which girl could inflict the biggest erection on a hot lifeguard. Let's just say there was nothing subtle about this contest. There was this super hot lifeguard on the stand near our cabins. He would stand on his platform and scan the water for swimmers in trouble. He wore loose dark blue shorts made of a light clingy material, and a nice fitting bright yellow t-shirt. We noticed that when a cute girl would walk by that he would stop and take a quick look, and sometimes we would see some distinct growth in his shorts. So, one at a time one of us girls would walk out in the sand and stop about 20 yards in front of his stand, and would have 30 seconds to turn him on. We could dance, do aerobics, or get into sexy yoga positions. But no stripping. I was leading in that contest, until one of the single girls did her dance just before he took a break, and she ended up on her knees in the backseat of his lifeguard truck. Her boyfriend wasn't real thrilled at first, but they had just met, and she really put out for him the rest of the trip, so he got over it. However, I thought that direct penis contact should have gotten her disqualified from the contest, but the guys in our group over-ruled me when she showed off the pictures she took of the lifeguard with her phone. I did have to agree it was the biggest we had seen, although I understand it returned to normal size as soon as she was done! And getting eaten by a stranger was a good introduction to 'shark week' for him.

I also did a lot of other flirting, especially in light of the fact that I am a married woman. But this was a sexy group. Seems like some couple was always talking about sex, or getting up to have sex, or getting back from having sex, or we would be sitting around the campfire and hear a couple or two back in the cabin having sex. The cabins were close to each other, and not that well built. So it was pretty common to hear what was going on at all the neighbors. All the cabins had the same kind of bed. Each was a large wooden four poster with a loose canopy flopping over the top. It was really heavy, but the joints had become loose with age, and the box spring squeaked as well. Even just sitting down on it would cause a squeak, and any significant movement would generate a torrent of squeaks and wails from the bed. The legs were just a little off, so the feet would pound into the wood floors as well So just about every sex act made by anyone made enough noise to be heard by everyone else! Bed time was pretty amusing. We'd all hang out at the campfire until 10 pm or until the fire went out, and then wander to our cabins. Within just a few minutes, the gentle pleasant squeaks would start quietly, and then gradually increase in volume and intensity until the air was filled with creaks and groans and bangs. Then one by one the cabins would go silent until there was nothing left but the sound of ocean waves slapping on the sand.

I like a lot of sex, and with all the sexy stuff happening at the beach, I keep myself all hornied up all the time. So there I was at 9 pm on the 4th, in bed on my back, legs spread, and getting pounded!!! And I am NOT complaining! I could hear the July 4th fireworks show starting on the sand in front of our rented beach house, but considering my position, I didn't much care. The 'bangs' and 'pops' of fireworks shook the simple wooden frame of the bungalow, and the bursts of light flashed through the opened window, casting a festive glow over our naked bodies. Our friends stood only a few feet away, looking to the sky, letting out their "ohhhs" and "awwws" as the shells exploded. I, too, was letting out my own "ohhhs" and "awwws" as I waited for my explosion.

When I laid down I thought this was going to be a quickie so we could get back to the group and watch the end of the fireworks. But Jim had a different idea, and it's hard for me to argue with someone while my **** is being pulled every which way by a big hard penis. So it turned out to be a fabulously long and complete session: fingering, licking, girl-on-top, doggy, and now some hard missionary to finish up. In a beach house, squeaky bed, cool breeze, fireworks.......this was grade A sex.

"Oh god!" I groaned loudly as he unexpectedly drove deep into me. The screams and exclamations from outside our window gave me freedom to be publically vocal and not to hold back my sex voice. He inched forward and lifted my hips toward him, and then pressed my knees wide outside my head. I crossed my ankles behind his butt, and helped pull him in deeper. In this position I was fully open to him and he could take long powerful strokes and completely bury himself deep into my body. His thrusts moved faster and deeper, and my screams built to a chresendo as he drove harder into me. The bed shook and creaked loudly under his attack, and my head slammed into the headboard to his rhythm.

Jim smiled at me as I absorbed the pounding. I was in such ecstasy that I could only manage a tiny smile back as he pushed a pillow behind my head between thrusts to protect the top my head from the headboard. We've been married almost a dozen years, and he still treats me like a queen. I feel so connected and close to him when he watches me ***.

Jim is always so attentive and wanting me to have the best time during sex. This had been a particularly long and powerful session, and things were starting to dry out. Without my saying a word, Jim picked up a bottle of lube, and at the end of each stroke as the head was almost to the point of popping out, let a few drops slip between my lips. Everything got so slippery and velvety again.

"Thanks," I moaned. "It feels so big and long and hard. I will be coming soon."

"I want just you alone to come," Jim said. "I want us to focus just on giving you pleasure." Almost immediately the first spasm exploded deep inside, and the waves of pleasure surged through me. Spasm after spasm rocked me, and my hips bucked wildly as my body enjoyed the intense pleasure. The bed wailed and thundered as it rocked and swayed to our attack. As my body collapsed, I could hear the muffled laughing from outside. Even the fireworks could not have masked that ******.

I lay exhausted and satisfied, and gave Jim a big dreamy smile. "That was incredible," I said, the crowd outside now giving me a short round of applause. "But what about that big ol' **** that treated me so well?" I asked in an exaggerated girlie voice. "It needs to be cuddled too!"

"You'll be taking care of it real proper-like very soon," Jim said with a smirk. "Just wait a minute," he said moving away from the bed. I hear Jim moving some chairs and the wine to the side porch, and he comes back in. He picks up a pillow, and takes my hand and leads me outside. "Think hot-dog eating contest," he said with a laugh. I gave him a quick peck on the neck as I followed him to the porch.

"Good idea!" I said. "Nothing says 'thank you' more effectively than a well-executed *******! And I'm in the mood to kiss some serious ****," I laughed. I stopped and turned to Jim, and looking very regal and using my best queen's voice, I commanded, "Bring me the **** which has just pleased me so that I may feast upon it and bring it joy!"

Jim laughed and turned to Bill, who was still lying in bed. "Come on, Bill, she's talking about your ****, not mine!"

"Not another *******," Bill said sarcastically. "If I have to.....," he said while leaping off the bed. "Next you'll tell me I have to *** in her mouth," he said with a big smile and a wicked laugh.

"Of course she'll give a mouth finish!" Jim said cheerfully. "It's the only proper reward for taking such good care of my wife a few minutes ago! Don't be shy. It's dark out here. No one will see your naked ***!"

Bill strutted past Jim as Jim pointed Bill to one of the chairs, his wet firm **** bouncing up and down and glistening in the moonlight. The colorful flashes from the fireworks reflected off it and made it appear to dance even more. "Damn you have a big one," Jim said with admiration. "No wonder it makes my wife feel so good." I looked at Bill, and he smiled and gave me a wink back.

"Bill's **** is amazing," I chimed in. "Just amazing. And now I'm going to suck it good! And yes, Bill, you better keep that thing in my mouth 'till it's all over."

Jim handed Bill a full glass of wine as he sat, and tossed the pillow on the floor in front of Bill's knees, and knelt down. He had a warm washcloth and cleaned my sex juices off of Bill. "That was quite a pounding you gave Jenna in there," Jim said warmly as he carefully wiped up and down the entire shaft and around the rim. "That was one of the best ******* you have ever given her!" Jim continued. "I don't think I have ever seen you or anyone else get my wife off better," he beamed.

"Believe me," Bill said. "It's all my pleasure! It was so hard not to finish while she orgasmed. Her ***** was clamping down so hard on me with every spasm. Good thing I didn't pop. With all that gyrating she was doing it would have made a really big mess!!"

"It's her turn to get you off now," Jim said excitedly. "Last night I had Jenna watch an instructional DVD on how to do better ********," Jim said smiling at me. "She practiced for an hour on a huge *****, and now she wants to show-off her new skills on you!!"

Jim wiped a couple drips of pre-*** off Bill with the washcloth, and stood up. "Suck him good!" Jim said to me intently as he motioned for me to kneel on the pillows. "Make this the best ******* you have ever given."

I looked at Jim and nodded. "I still can't believe I get to do this," I said to Jim. "Thanks so much for letting me do this for Bill. I will make you proud."

"I love you," Jim said softly. I smiled at Jim, and turned and look intently at Bill's erection.

I knelt down and used my hands to open Bill's knees wider, and squirmed around a bit until I was comfortable and had easy access to his penis. Even in the dim light I could see that Bill had the most amazing penis. It's the perfect size for me, and he had incredible control. Just now he pounded me for 20 minutes without a break, stayed on during my very powerful spasms, and now had the self-control to patiently wait for my mouth. He was very aroused, though, as I watched the drips of precum steadily flow over his rim and down his long shaft.

"I need this so bad," Bill whispered in a begging voice. "Do it now."

Jim picked up his wine and sat down in the other chair as I slipped down and licked up some of the precum and began to play with Bill's balls. Jim and Bill both stared at my mouth, and they moaned in unison as I started kissing and licking each ball, being very careful to be gentle.

"You look so good sucking Bill's balls," Jim said nearly out of breath. "He's building up so much *** for you."

"I don't know how much more I can take," Bill mumbled. "You better be ready for a flood."

The fireworks show was going to end soon, so I moved quickly to stimulate him and get him ready to pop. I wanted the noise of the show to cover up his noise, so I only had a few minutes to complete my job. Of course, it didn't take long to get him ready with all the stimulation he had earlier tonight. I quickly sucked on the shaft and licked the rim and head, and then started a good steady sucking rhythm on his head. I looked up at Bill, and then Jim.

Bill's eyes were closed, and he was concentrating deeply on his pending ******. Jim looked me deep in my eyes, paused, and said softly, "Its time Jenna. Make him ***."

I increased the stroking and suction a little, and could feel Bill's balls tighten against his body. His sweet taste of precum changed to the heavier, more complex taste of ***. Jim knelt down next to me, and watched my mouth intently as Bill pumped in and out of my mouth. Bill's hips moved to meet my mouth, pushing his **** deeper in. Jim put his hand behind my head to steady it against Bill's rhythmic onslaught, helping me to hold it in.

"He's almost there," Jim said with increasing excitement. "Take it deep in your throat and suck hard!"

I opened my throat and jammed him in as far as I could and sucked hard on his head. Bill gave a deep guttural grunt, and I flinched a bit as the first hot stream slammed into the back of my throat. Bill groaned deeply, and Jim gave whispered a soft "**** yeah." I could feel his head swell over and over again in my mouth as he spasmed, each time releasing more of the white goo onto my tongue. I swallowed as much as I could, but there was so much that quite a bit seeped out the side of my mouth.

"You did so good, Jenna," Jim said proudly. "There is **** flying everywhere!"

Jim looked at the white liquid intently, and held the washcloth under my chin as Bill was finishing up. Jim was able to catch most of the spillage so almost none hit the furniture or floor.

"I just couldn't keep up with it all," I said. "It just kept coming and coming."

Jim just laughed. "You did great, Jenna. Bill looks pretty satisfied with your work!"

Bill slumped back in the chair, looking exhausted. "Oh my god your wife was so good," he said softly to Bill. "There were so many things she's never done before. She must have paid close attention to that DVD!"

"She's a really fast learner," Jim said, beaming. "That was the best ******** I have ever seen her do! I am so happy that she was able to try these things out first with you."

"Just wait until I have more time," I said to Bill. "There's plenty more that I'd like to try with your ****. And, I'd really like to spend way more time teasing your balls."

Bill smiled warmly, and I saw his penis jump a bit in anticipation already. "Down boy!" I said firmly as I tapped his penis head. "Settle down so we can get back to our friends," I said with a laugh. Despite my warning, it continued to grow, but I just ignored it.

"I can set up a much longer bj session for you guys later this week," Jim said smiling. "Maybe you two can watch the DVD together and Bill can pick out some things that look especially fun to him."

"That would be incredible," Bill sighed. "I can hardly wait!"

Jim took a second warm washcloth and wiped my saliva and the final drips of *** from Bill's penis. He held the cloth under my chin so I could sputter the last of Bill's *** from my mouth, and Jim wiped the rouge drops off my face and mouth. Jim gave me a long deep kiss, and handed me my wine.

"Everybody's all clean!" Jim announced. "Let's get back to the group. We missed the fireworks, but I bet they will understand!!"

We got dressed, and headed outside to our friends. We spent another hour with them, drinking and laughing, and then everyone headed back to their little beach house. Jim left a little before Bill and I did, and when we got to the house he had it all set up for us. He had a little cot set up for himself next to the bed. Romantic music was on, lights set low, new fresh sheets on the bed, and a stack of hand towels next to the cot. We all got ready for bed, and Bill and I got naked and climbed into the old creaky bed. Jim hung up our clothes, turned the lights down, and came to my side of the bed.

"Good night, Jenna," he said softly. "I love you. Take good care of Bill tonight. He deserves it." Jim gave me a quick kiss on the forehead and settled into his cot.

"If he's up to it, I am here for him," I replied. "I love keeping him satisfied."

"Hey Bill," Jim said quietly. "I know Jenna is only good for one ****** a night, but I assume you still have some energy left?"

"Yeah," Bill replied as I giggled knowingly. "Lots of energy. Her new oral skills really got me going."

"Great!" Jim said excitedly. "I look forward to watching your work tonight! I figure with this squeaky bed I should wake up every time you get going on her."

Even as Jim spoke, Bill had already rolled me on to my stomach and had lifted my hips so I was on my knees and elbows. I groaned as he moved my knees apart and pushed inside of me. I barely had time to grab the headboard as he started pumping in earnest. "I'm way ahead of you, Jim," Bill said in time to his pumping.

"Wow!" Jim said with surprise as the bed jump to life and squeaked violently. "Already back at it!!"

I laughed between thrusts. "Yes, uh.. Jim," I said. "I uhh.. Can uhh.. Confidently uhh.. Confirm uhh.. That uhh.. Bill uhh.. Is uhh.. Fully uhh.. Erect uhh.. Again." Bill was driving so hard and deep that I could only get one word out between moans.

Jim laughed too. "Sounds like he's doing it so good you can't even talk anymore! Good job, Bill!

"Your wife's ***** is so slick and tight," Bill half moaned. "It feels soooooo good. This won't take long."

"You look awesome going in and out of her," Jim said breathlessly. "I love to see my wife taking it doggy style from you."

"I'm already *******!" Bill groaned as he pulled out and shot rope after rope onto my back.

Just as the last couple drops dribbled onto my butt, Jim was already up with one of the soft hand towels.

"Hold still for a minute," Jim said as he wiped my back clean. "And Bill, I know you are still really sensitive, so I'll be careful as I you clean up."

"Don't hurt that big 'ol thing!" I said teasingly. "He'll be needing that several more times tonight."

"I'll be careful with it Jenna," Jim said as he carefully wiped Bill's shaft clean. "If you don't like the way I'm doing this, you could always lick it clean."

"Oh no," I replied. "If I get my mouth on that again it'll just get big and I'll never get any sleep tonight," I said with a laugh. Bill picked up the towel and wiped his hand clean that he had used to jack himself the last couple strokes.

"Ok," Jim said. "Everything's clean, so let's get some sleep. I have a feeling we'll be doing this several times tonight!"
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