Ep Love Skittles

Ever since I was Young Boy I always lived the Black leather theater in the round performance. Then the 70 late came and out came the white jump suit with rhine stones that made Liberacci Jealous. Only this guy wS straight out of Graceland rolling deep in a Pink Caddi pulling the skittles express vested by other to ease his pains of all the ladies screams demanding any part of him they could tear or rip from his daily persona that really wasnt of any facade what so ever. The mans Name shouldve been Vegas! So Crystal clear in his method of entertaining you knew the scarf was to be given to the most of Fanatical and the sweat eas the fruit of his labor eagerly to be excepted as a bathing dream from his adoring public .. Theres my EP love story.... Lol..
DreamChariot DreamChariot
41-45, M
Dec 20, 2011