Periods And Sex Don't Mix Well!!!

Ok so thus story was my second tons having sex. I was on my period, but not ovulating. But I didn't know that and it was funny!
So me and my now ex, Derek, were fooling around in my apartment, as my roommate was in her room with her bf. but we started making out, and he unbuttoned my shirt, slipping it off my chest. We were soon naked and he was about to put his u no in my u no. But just so u no, he was wearing a condom) but we were having sex and finished, so he pulled out, to find the condom broke! I was distraught and freaking out, I wasn't on Borg control and was 20 so I could not get pregnant. But I took like 3 morning after pills and was fine. Lol
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Dec 14, 2012