Tmi About Tmj--just A Quick Story

TMJ is a condition in which an individuals jaw can lock or fail. Often a person with TMJ grinds their teeth when they sleep. I have had TMJ since I got my stupid braces. The surgeon general should really warn people that if you do have the condition of TMJ your jaw could disconnect when partaking in activities such as eating contests, yawning, and blow jobs.

Yes...blow jobs. There is nothing less sexy then pushing your husband away, crying hysterically with your jaw dropped an inch down and two to the right. And no. The doctor at the Emergency Room will not believe you when you say it happened when you walked into a door.

My jaw is fine now, meaning it is no longer dislocated, but neither have us have ever forgotten and since the surgeon general won't warn you about danger of blow jobs, I will.


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kathsnighttable kathsnighttable
26-30, F
Feb 11, 2010