Some Days The Most Well-laid Plans Turn Out To Be . . . Well . . . Not So Well Laid After All

Following is an e-mail I sent to four friends after a day gone awry of trying to deliver six applications across the Metro Vancouver region.  Even if you aren't familiar with Vancouver and the surrounding communities, anyone who has every lived in a major city will understand how daunting this can be -- sometimes our most valiant efforts to traverse the distance end in vain.  The distance I was trying to cover, from one end to the other, was 79 kilometres.  But there were several points in between I wanted to stop at.  And I was trying to use public transit to access most of it, and some of those location were not served by the bus that often.  Oh, well . . .  Live and learn, I suppose.  I did eventually get all of the applications delivered.  It only took me an extra day to do it.

Gee, everyone.  I had today all planned out, only six applications to print and drop off, at five different locations across Metro Vancouver (formerly known as the GVRD.)  Armed with the cover letters and resumes Vicky helped me with this morning, a Translink day-pass, and the Seven Dwarves singing “High Ho!” in my head, off I went. 

My first stop was in Coquitlam, at an R.V. rental outlet that will soon be underneath a new Port Mann bridge.  Transit ran rather sporadically down there, though, and I had to wait 25 minutes in the blazing sun for a bus to take me back to Braid skytrain station.  Oh, well.  I’m a patient man. 

My next stop was in Kitsilano, only a few blocks away from Granville Island.  I missed my bus-stop on the south side of the Burrard Street Bridge, though, and because I was riding an express bus to UBC, I couldn’t get off until it had traveled another ten blocks.  By the time got turned around and finally dropped that application off I needed to get back to Surrey, where I’d left my car, so I could drive out to Langley for a doctor’s appointment.  I walked to Granville Island, just in time to see the bus to downtown Vancouver pull away from the stop.  This left me ample opportunity to sit under an increasingly prominent sun while enjoying the view of a derelict railroad track.  The cover letters and resumes I meant to deliver to two downtown Vancouver hotels, plus one in North Van (only one Sea-bus + one bus-ride further), would have to wait.

I didn’t time the skytrain right, and wound up being 15 minutes late to see my doctor.  It was our first real warm sunny day, though, and by this time my head felt like a baked turnip.

I headed to Abbotsford next, and promptly got lost.  Fortunately I carry a map book of the Greater Vancouver Region in my car.  It only took one hour of driving around, and half-a-dozen map-book references, before I found the bloody hotel I was looking for.  My timing was excellent, too.  The woman behind the front desk told me that the Front Desk Manager had left not ten minutes before I showed up.

By the time I left Abbotsford it was 6:00 p.m., so at least the traffic would have eased off the Port Man Bridge and I could still deliver my application to North Vancouver.  Only, two separate accidents along the freeway left a beautiful bottleneck from the 176 St. exit all the way to the bridge, which cost me (or is that “lost” me?) another hour.  Some motorists even drove along the curb, like morons and nincompoops, trying to get ahead!  Bearing in mind I’d only delivered half of the applications I’d assembled for that day, when I saw the cars ahead of me stopping to line up, like twin ribbons, into the horizon, I thought “Well . . . isn’t that pleasant? – [ C O N T E N T S   C E N S O R E D!   C O N T E N T S   C E N S O R E D!   C O N T E N T S   C E N S O R E D! ]   And not only has this day been nothing but a pile of horse-[ C E N S O R E D ] . . . !!!!!!!”  and so on, and so on . . .  We’re adults and can fill in the blanks, right?

You see, even the most well-behaved, positive, mild-mannered, obey-the-speed-limit-and-no-jay-walking amoung us has his breaking point, too. 

Did I go to North Vancouver?  No – lest some other stroke of ill befall my travels before the day ended. 

The prescription, which my doctor kindly wrote for me even though I was late . . .  Did I get that filled?  No – who needs pharmaceuticals when well-organized plans like today’s wash out before your very eyes? 

Did I say “Screw making supper?  I’m going to A & W!”  Yes, and gave up on my three-days-so-far Coca-Cola sabbatical in the process.

Tomorrow, I only have to drop off one application in North Van, two in downtown Vancouver, then attend a job-fair in Surrey.  If it winds up like today was, by the end of it I’ll be coiled like a giant dreadlock.  But at least I’ll be wearing a tie. 

Oh, and Vicky?  I’ll be back in a couple days to get more applications printed.

Have a good night, everyone, and good luck with everyone’s job hunt!!

UnderEli UnderEli
46-50, M
Jul 11, 2010