Looking For A Job!!

i am currently employed, working in the hotel industry, but my boss is like the biggest ******* in the world right now lol, and i have been looking for a new job for a while, and just recently there was a new shop that was announced to be opening in the town centre where i live, and i thought about applying for it, cos there was around 40 jobs on the go, but i decided against it, cos the amount of hours a week they were offering, was a lot less than im working now, so it was a no go for me, but a few days ago, we had some guy working with us in the hotel where i work, and he was just there on a placement with the local job centre, to try get some work experience after getting paid off from his last job, and he told me, that he also applied for that new shop in town, and he told me that there was over two thousand people that had applied for the 40 jobs that were on offer, which made me think, that maybe im luckier to have a job than i first thought!!!
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4 Responses Jul 12, 2010

yes, i know im lucky to have a job lol, i just wish i felt lucky to have a job lol!!!

wow, right.... but maybe you could still try if there's another opportunity, I don't know, but yes, you're lucky to have a job anyway.

im the same lol!! you see, since this manager started, he has been on everybody's back big time, and being a complete *******, and when people leave, he brings in his own friends and family to work, and they get away with murder, whereas the rest of us get into trouble for the silliest little things, but i wont give up my job like some other people in that place did, im determined not to give in to him!!! i can take it more than some others can, partly cos im a stubborn bastard!!! lol

I think in the slow economy bosses know its harder to find another job so they use that as an excuse to be more of a jerk. I've worked for so many people that just abused, exploited and completely tortured me. I took it until they fired me and then I got to live off of unemployment for as long as possible. My ultimate revenge, they had to pay to get rid of me. Plus it made me a stronger less fragile person. I can take so much more distress than many of my peers.