One time I had a guy send me 6 dozen, yes 6 DOZEN roses and tulips as a gesture of his affection. My house looked like a freaking funeral home until they started dying. He ordered them from different florists too so they were all unique. He is on EP so that is all I will say about that but it wasn't even a special occasion.

I also had one guy who had one of those banner planes flying across us and the many other people at this very popular beach with "I love you Jaycee! Love XXXXXX" trailing behind a plane.

I have had many gentlemen write stories, poetry, and love letters for me and some of these have posted them publicly.

I also had one gentleman that went through the trouble of getting circumcized after I had made a comment that I do not like uncut penises. I can only imagine the pain that caused.

Well these are examples of the most off the wall grand gestures that I have experienced.  How about you?  What have you done for your significant other or have they done for you in an attempt that no one else could love you better?

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He is still very much alive and kicking lol. He is a good friend.

I don't know blu! You would have to ask him. Last time I heard it was purple lol.

The guy got a circumcision for you! Wow.<br />
<br />
Well, after all was said and done... was he... eh' hmm...<br />
<br />


unconditional love.

lol WOW

At least mine wasn't, but i don't really have any stories on the subject i can share.. As you know i have a mean mouth on me sometimes. Well most all the time, but i pretty much show i care through any nice action i do. Even if i am talking bad while i do it... Like how i give my sister a noogie and put her in head locks or punch her and stuff. I know i am weird..


It isn't very painful so don't worry.