My First Engagement Ring

Leo's Dad had something to do with a diamonds in SA. He picked out the one's he wanted, had them cleaned up and made into a ring for me. 7 small pink diamonds set on a white gold band.

It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I was too scared to wear it. It was stolen a few months after we broke up and he sent me a replacement. Not quite as expensive, but the gesture was still there.

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****, I hope they didn't!

LOL the person probably thought it was pink CZ's and gave it to kid to wear. It sounded like a beautiful ring though.



Hehe ok

I know! I am just saying!

Im over him now!

Sometimes it takes a lot of years. I would of probably just gave it back if that was the case.

This did...but sometimes I think that if it was still with me then I would never have been able to move on from him

Somethings people really hold emotional value too. I couldn't imagine doing something like that to someone.

It can, this made me sad, but mostly because I was stupid to take it off

Either way i don't like people who steal things. Can cause a lot of distress for people.

Hehe to buy a car? Yeah

Well maybe they kept it.

Something like that

What 5,000?

It's value too, it was enough to put a deposit on a house

I don't think it would. Im sure there are a lot of angry ladies who go around selling rings from past relationships, or they could wait a while before doing it. Stuff like that never stays on the radar.

It would be hard to sell something like that without anyone noticing.

how would they be able to find it?

I know that now!<br />
<br />
Could have pawned it myself...haha<br />
<br />
I cried for weeks, couldn't tell him for ages, I reckon the police did find it and sell it themselves

Yeah never put that stuff down..

Yeah, it's cool though, kind of, he still loves me even though I lost a small fortune

Well that really sucks.

No, I used to take it off when I did certain things, so not to break it or lose it..hahaha, then someone helped themselves to it one day

Someone break in your home to steal it?