Being Persecuted All My Life By Other People

I would like to share my story that is going to blow alot of peoples minds... the story about the way everybody really treat me is very shocking and horrifying.
when you read this stoy about the way people treat me even by my own family members , Just imaginge how does it feels to wake up every morning and face life being myself as; Ms. Aricha Sybil Mahil Wilson.   I am a black 47 year old single mother fo three kids who is originally from California has been living in St louis missouri for 11 years being constantly abused  by other people.  My very own family members are totally against me  because of some ideas in their heads agaisnt my personal profile.   My own family members treat me like i am worse than a criminal because they have considered me memetally retarded based on my physical features.  My parents never wanted me , made it in so many ways i was an accident and wished that i was never gien birth too. Both parents made so many conversations they stop having children after is was born, because they dont want the next offspring to turn out damaged and defective like me.   When i caught on too what they said about me, they cover it up by telling me , they stop having mor children after is was born becaue their blood type dont match.  That professonal experts advised my parents to abandom me, told them i am going to be useless to society and need to be placed in a sanitarium. Both parents said i was born with yellow jandice, had lack of oxygen to my brain, and had to get a blood tranfusion. They never want to claim my physical features who i look like. My mother use to make converstions that i take after my Dads side of he family. the only person i look like on her side of the family is my older first cousin mary., who is actually disabled.   Then my Dad said my looks take after other people on my mothers side of the family.  compare to me and my older Brother. they took more baby pictures of my older brother than me.  My mother did not bite her tongue when she was attacking my looks.   She made abusive comments such as: " It make me sick to even look at you"...." If somebody call you frog face Aricha, you shouldnt ignore it and keep on going".... " i cant stand to even look at your distorted face."   Then my Dad taunted me, What is somebody said . " Aricha what if somebody said you is one ugly girl, dont take it seriously?  Well it sounds like the parents was slipping and calling Aricha ugly. When i was a teenager at age 16, we was over my uncles house and my aunt  was pregnant. she asked my mother why are you not having any more kids Irma. My mother said the reason why is because they dont want two ill formed babies.   the i caught on to the conversation, she cover it up l " no it is just owr blood type dont match"'  i remember is was a teenager, my Dad was laying in the Bed. i asked my father, whey are you not making anymore Brothers and sister. He said the reason becaue , we dont want them to come out like you.. 

My parents could had protested this with the Naacp and the news about letting these Teachers who wrongully dumped me in special ed clasess due to being misunderstood being an abused and neglected child.  I was misunderstiood by my kindergarten teacher ,my class mates jumped me and the teacher sat there watched and did nothing.  The kids was pulling my hair, screaming and kicking me around while i was contacntly crying.
The Teacher ran to the principal office to get me. convinced the principal that is was a disabled child who should not be in school .  then i was talken to the office to wait for my mothers friend to pick me up from school. then she took me home and waited for my mother to come pick me up from her house. when my mother came to pick me . we went back to the school and them my mother got mad at me.  she fussed at me threated  to whip me.
them when i got home i was beat on the legs with an extention cord. My mother was a passive abuser who use to let everybody hit me, pretend like she didnt not see other people abuse me.  i rember when is was a teenager she use to use me as a scapegoat,, and emotionally harass me.
She was aware that i felt that nobody loves me.  in the eighth grade, my mother use to mean mug me for hours and refuse to respond when i talk to her. She use to tell me that i am pitiful, i make everybody sick aroung me,.  if i think nobody likes me then nobody likes me. and  told me that she is not my mother.  Then told me ' ; i make her sick .." 
nobody  cares about my feelings. 



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2 Responses Nov 27, 2010

:( i feel your pain, i know what is is like to be emotionally abused, I will keep you in my prayers and hope things go well with you.

This is really touching,