The Beating Of A Life Time

It was a beautiful summer day and my older brother, younger step sister and step brother, and I were playing soccer in a field. My younger step brother and I are on a team, and my little step sister runs past me kicking the ball, when suddenly she tripped and fell. When she got up she started crying and ran inside, us three brothers kept playing for maybe 2 or 3 minutes. My step father came stomping from around the corner, his rage was higher than I've ever seen, even to this day. He walked to me, and my older brother ran inside the house, my little step sister stayed for a second and then walked inside, no longer crying. My little step brother stood watching about 8 feet away, my step father hovered over me, I was motionless. He grabbed my shirt and threw me to a wall right behind me, I fell on my back and he kicked me a few times saying "How do you like being kicked?" after ever kick. He picked me up and threw me to the ground again, he repeated the same through and kick combination four times. I was left laying on the ground as he stomped back inside, my little step brother waited for me to stand up and walked inside with me. I sprinted to my room and jumped on the top bunk of our beds, balling my eyes out, trying not to scream. I remember my little step brother came in and just sat next time me, he was only 6 and I was only 10, we both were unaware of what should have been said. When my Mom got home I ran to her and said what happened, and she didn't believe me, it took my little step brother and I 9 years before she did believe. I thought my Mom would have protected me like she always had, when she said to stop talking about it, and that it wasn't true, I lost my guardian angel.

I had to live with this man until I was 19, knowing that he got away with beating me up as a 10 year old. My little step brother brother and I talk about it quite a bit, I don't like to because it's his dad, but he seems to like to talk about it sometimes
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Sometimes bad things happen to good people. You pressed forward and made it through... And you became a better person because of it. It made you stronger. It made you wiser. You're such a genuine person and you could have easily taken another path and became just as wicked as everyone else. But you're not. Thank you for that. (:

Thank you as well.

am really sorry.....that you had to go thru all that in tears and do not know what to tl u...sorry