They Look Down Upon Me

they look down upon me because am not thin enough....
They look upon me because i have a limp of the left leg.....they look down upon me because i dont drink and have tattoes lyk they do...
they refuse to associate with me because i have a deformed leg is it my fault i cnt. wear high it my fault...they refuse to knoe the beautiful person i am on the inside....what should i dilo so that you can give me an opportunity to be like you...i am not less of a person..please employ me,please chat with me,please seat with me please talk to me...lessen my load i cant take it any longer just need someone to talk to and get to know me someone i can text,twit just the simple pleasures in life...
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2012

Dear i want to talk to u. no one is perfect in this world

Atsiamba, your story really hit me. From age 6 or 7 I was in excruciating pain in my left hip. For years my silly Mother said it was "growing pains." Finally at 12 she took me to a doctor to find that my hip had been 50% dislocated since birth. I hade 4 operations by the time I was 16 which only served to deform the bones even more. I limped through life until I was 48,and had pain 24/7. It had a major impact on my life as did the fact that I was always a big woman. In spite of all that, I had a few relationships with people who loved me in spite of my limp, limitations and wieght. If you think you are less than "them" you will be. The world is filled with people who love the whole person, who see the beauty inside and out. You are not broken because you are a big woman or because you limp. You are a BBW. Big women are amazingly beautiful. Tons of people feel that way. "They" mean nothing to you. Accept yourself Atsiamba, appreciate the woman you are. Confidence is sexy. It pours out of us and lets "Them" know that we don't give a crap what they think of us. That "they" have no power over us or our happiness. Whatever you put out there girl, you will get back. I am proof of that.<br />