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I am not sure how this compares but this is my life it was the most painful part in my life. I've written about it before i've mentioned him a bit. But the most painful thing that has happened to me was that my heart was broken torn apart and I was left carrying this junk with me this pain and hurt thats in my life. I am getting better I am but the moment he looked at me and told me he wasn't in love with me... that he didn't want to see me hurt... that he didn't want me this was the most painful thing that has happened in my life

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The most painful part of my life was my divorce. There was no fighting, no arguements, Just an understanding that we could not make each other happy. My ex was my soulmate. After a number of years I am still not able to let anyone else get too close. My ex found someone else pretty quick...That lasted a couple of years but it's over now. The loss of children's love is another painfull part of it. Kid's have to blame someone I guess

thats in your past,let it'll be fine.

good hahah like it of couse

An unfortunately common story :/ I bet some day you'll find someone who will fill the void and make him regret his arrogance. Good luck

Hold on honey, you'll see it through and be the stronger for it! There will be someone else who does love you. That's so much better than what he had to offer you!