Mmmm Close Call

Hard to say really its a close call between the first time i epilated and labour!! Giving birth to a 10pound baby with no pain relief definately wins hands down!

Blondevixon Blondevixon
31-35, F
6 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Labour. But a labour of love and much, much joy. You forget the pain pretty quickly. You don't cart it around with you.

Are you stalking me smugit? Lol...ive heard of cute furry animals like you!!!

Caught a line drive right between the legs while I was pitching a softball game.

covers eyes with paws now!

And he wouldnt be far wrong!

Yeowwww!!!!! Bill Cosby used to describe how he interprests labor to men as taking your lower lip, and pulling it up and over your head until it reaches your neck.