******* Pleasure

We always go for runs in my cardio class at the high school. These runs usually last 40 minutes but in an act of denial regarding my peer's abilities, the coach decided 80 minutes would be the goal.
The class is filled with athletic types working on being toned, and those less naturally endowed with physical abilities.
I have the class my last period, and 80 minutes would be no sweat. I reached the mark and turned around to find a circle of girls taunting another.
She had been running behind them with a friend and had mentioned wanting to run to the bushes to pee, 80 minutes and she wasn't going to make it.
She was quiet and cute not athletic but not fat either. The girls surrounding her were ******* and *****.
She let loose and her gym shorts darkened, you could tell she was desperate as she tried to slow the flow, but it kept coming.
The girls were laughing and her tears started flowing.
I was trying to keep myself from being turned on, but her embarrassment was too much. I turned and kept on running, I got to the school and hopped in my car with one heel jammed up my crotch. The sight of her peeing made me feel uncomfortable, but in a good way. There was pressure on my **** and now i had to pee too.
I ran home and into the bathroom, not unusual my parents knew since i had just worked out. I got upstairs and sat at the toilet. Jamming three fingers into my ****, but not into it, really pushing the skin from outside and above it into it. It grinded up against that bone and my pee hold and ****. My underwear were still one. I rocked back and forth useing my other hand to make quicker movements on my ****. My legs were shakeing and in an act of desperation in peed and the ****** came.
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Jan 23, 2013