Woman Files False Rape Claim Because She 'didn’t Enjoy It'

Another false rape claim, only this time the premise was that she didn't enjoy it.

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. - A Clarksville woman has been charged after coming clean to police and admitting she lied about being raped.

Police said Lynette Lee admitted to a Clarksville detective last week the rape claim she had made earlier in the month was false. She said she had only made the claim because she did not enjoy the date.

On November 23, Lee had told police that after meeting up with a man she met online at Meetme.com, she and the man had gone back to a hotel together. According to a report, Lee said once at the hotel the man removed her clothes and, despite her protests, had sex with her.

The suspect in the case was called in by Clarksville police and told officers he and Lee had been out on a date and engaged in consensual sex.

During a second interview with police on November 27, Lee told the detective she wanted to drop the entire case because it was a lie. Police said Lee told them she had lied about the incident "because she did not enjoy it and it was bad."

Police charged her with filing a false report. Bond was set at $2,000.

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That happens a lot. It would be surprising if even 8% of rape-hate stories have any truth at all. Females lie more than they tell the truth.

choose your partners carefully, is the moral of the story (if true)

Wham bam thank you ma'am can be very dangerous for an American man, witness this case and John Bobbitt.

I'm sorry, but who can take seriously the idea that a woman goes into a motel room with a man not intending to have sex? Are we to believe she was expecting tiddly winks or dominoes?

In the old Celtic law, a woman had consented to sex by going to a man's bedroom or into the woods with him, even if she cried out later. All the rape-hate feminist laws and false rape-hate accusations are pure evil. And even in the small percentage of time her story is true, rape is nothing more or less than sex with the man making the decision for once. Sex is NOT a serious crime even if she lost her assumed female right to control and dominate men. The penalty should not be more than a fine of a couple hundred dollars, the local price of a street *****. Everything more is just feminist hate.

I don't agree that genuine rape is not serious.