My Turn : )

My name is Kara, I'm 19 almost 20, and I've been dating my soldier on and off for the past 3 almost 4 years. He left for basic on July 7th, and I was supposed to come and see him for the fourth of July, however money & work issues got in the way. We were complicated at the moment, and I was trying to chose between him and a guy I had been trying to see that was deployed in Afganistan, however, he decided he didn't want to even tell people about me, so I had made my decision. When I was supposed to go to Arkansas to see my now current bf/to be fiance, (he lives in Arkansas, and I live in Tennessee at the moment) I was going to tell him that I chose him, however, I wasnt able to and he wanted a girl before he left so he started to date another girl. Well I finally decided on July 23rd that I was just going to flat out tell him how I felt, so I sent him a 4 page, back & front, college-rule, letter to him while he was in basic. He wrote me back telling me that the girl he was with he was about to break up with her, however, she admitted to cheating on him before he could and so he told her it was over. Ever since then we have worked things out and decided to get back together (yay) and re-pursue our dreams of getting married (we had first decided to get married when he was about to graduation h/s bc he's a year younger than I however things got complicated and we called it off) so at this moment I am planning a wedding for hopefully around this time next year via letters : )
knemstokes11 knemstokes11
18-21, F
Aug 12, 2010