My Soldier.

I met my soldier through my best friend my freshmen year of high school. He dated her for awhile then they broke up and well that's how the story goes. But no I went out with him for like a week sophomore year and didn't do anything else with him until my senior year. We became close friends again because I moved across town and we would smoke cigs together. Then we started to share secrets about our families at the time abusive boyfriend. He never fell out of love with me, but I fell back in love with him. He is the sweetest thing to ever happen to my life. He brought my faith back in God and that the world isn't as bad as I thought it was. He even helped me with my depression and he saved me from suicide. (As I said before abusive boyfriend at the time). We haven't technically been together long but he have been friends and known each other forever. But he left for basic the 21st of June and has been in Ft. Leonard Wood for a long time now. I didn't go down for basic graduation because I was too sick and he told me I needed my rest and he would be pissed if I got out of bed at all. So we texted and talked a lot. So I haven't seen him since then. Two weeks into AIT he got hurt so he has been sitting around on base waiting for the next class to start. He will being coming home for Christmas and I'm so freaked out beyond all belief because I haven't seen him in six months all we done is talk on the phone, text and send pictures messages. I had to beg him for the date he is coming home. He wants to surprise me but I'm counting down the days until Christmas. I just want to be wrapped up in his arms to know he is still there. But he thought that I was going to leave him during basic just like everyone else in his life had and like the rest of his buddies. but I didn't and it made us stronger. I miss him. I just wanted my story to be heard. Thanks for reading. :)
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Aw. thanks yeah. I'm so excited he comes home in less than a week. It will be a week on Wed. And I am so worried about what is gonna happen. But all I can do is hope for the best. <br />
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*Love that soldier*

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I definitely know what you are going through. I haven't seen my soldier in over six months. Its been a long, crazy ride. I can't wait for mine to come home either. I begged him enough so he would tell me when he was coming home...this Saturday!!! But keep your chin up, you know this is making you guys stronger :)<br />
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*I love my soldier*