American-Filipina Young Love

I'm a filipina living in the Philippines, 20 years old and He's from Ohio, 18 years old. He's currently on Military training and after He will be attending class in University of Cincinnati as Freshmen College. while I am a Graduating Student in Bachelor's degree.

Our love story is unexpected. There was a time when I had have my On-the-job Training program in one of a company in Ohio for 3 months. I met a lot of american guys but only him captured my heart and I feel comfortable around him. I met him like I only just have 15 days left.. in that short period of time, we spent so much happiness being together; like dating but not officially girlfriend/boyfriend. I personally don't like to have an affair to the american's but I don't know. through that, i learnt a lot of american cultures. I can't explain how it feels like but I know deep inside what it is. I don't think so of pursuing such a looooong distance relationship like 8,000miles+ away. When I'm about to leave U.S, I thought it was all about "everything happens, stays in that place." but I was wrong. He gave me HOPE and FAITH until I finally got home. Gladly, we have both Iphones and connect eachother through Imessage for free text messaging, facebook and skype date.
Before thinking of courting me, He makes sure that he really turned on to LOVE. and that's one of a matured act of him. I know there's no guarantee how long we could reach through but we are too positive enough If we want to make it, with passion, love and understanding we could make as possible as it could be. We are too young for this, we both knew it from the start. we're just enjoying our life and going with the flow of life. You know that feeling when you're too scared to lose someone have touched your life so affectionately? that's what i feel right now. There's a big chance of losing him, aside from being too young, He is not that mature enough to handle such thing like this, I guess. I'm not thinking negative vibes but who knows? maybe the problem is with me or maybe LOVE will left us. (hopefully not)
we'll see as time goes on. He keeps on promising me a lot even he knew how much I hate Promises. He's talking about future with me and about wanting him to come to my country Philippines. but, i don't know how long will he keep that promises. Nobody knows. Maybe it will take only tomorrow and/or just for a moment. Everything changes so does people.

at this very moment, It is so hard without seeing communication with him. he's currently on his Military training. I'm trying to write him letters as soon as the weather of my country will be fine. I want to make sure He will receive my letters and waiting for him to write me one :'( I can't wait hearing from him. Additionally, I am not that type of a girl who's just going after his money or visa or whatsoever they called that. My parents raised me well and proudly, I have my self-respect and to others as well. i can make my money through my own. :-) We just fell in love unexpectedly.

I appreciate him. I do love him so much and will definitely give him the love he wanted as much as i can. well, Thank you for reading my insanity. ehehe :) I appreciate you whoever who you are. sorry for my english :D you're way too smart if you could understand what I'm trying to say. Doi you think Long distance works? ^_^ xoxo. keep the fire burning guys.
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Be strong and stay positive in life! Long distance could sometime work well if you both continue to love each other and be faithful to one another. and You're such a lovely lady and you are beautiful.