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Ok my story is a little out there lol but here is goes:

i saw my boo a few years back with a friend of mine. we talked clowned went on our way then years later in a club with a different friend we caught up again. We started talking and hanging out alot more this was 2 weeks before he left for boot. The last week he was in it kinda faded and he went back with his ex. He left for boot and never heard from him. But me being single i started hanging out with the guy which just so happen to be  his whole group of friends! (i had no idea just knew 2 were his boys). Well a few months later out of the blue i get a call from him!! i was soooo suprised yet a lil scared. Yea i had fallen hard for him that lil while we dated and had those few years ago so i was scared he we jus looking for a friend with ben. andi didnt want that to be me. We he was coming home for the weekend and wanted to see me. so the day he was goin ot leave he called me up to hang out i went get him and went back to the house i was staying at. We talked clowned and acted liek old times then we started making out. It went from just making out to some passtion in no time so i stopped it told him i did like him and didnt want it to go any farther than kissing cuz i've already fallen for him and im kewl with the friendship but sex would crush me for sure and he was cool with it. Then he left and kept txting me. when he came home for his 2 weeks hed call me to go over go sleep go hang out i loved it! then one day after work i called my sis told her to get ready for one of our crazy days and we were kiddnapping jarid. And we did jus that lol he didnt know what was goin on. i called him told him to get dress he had 10 min then b out side! lol me and my sis laughted so hard when we saw his face!!! he got in asked whats up told him to shut up put on his seat belt we were kiddnapping him for a few hours lol he iddnt know what to say so he did as he was told lmao. We had a blast shopped acted dump and just let go of everything bugging us. we drove a round, ran around, and danced in parking lots lmao. he had a blast and so did me nad my sis. Well we were on the way to bring him back he loooks at me and say i want u i laughted and told him to shut up and get out my car lol we were all laughing sooo hard at this point. he leaned over kissed me really great told me i was sleeping at his place that nite and got out.

later that nite i did go sleep and as we laid on the soaf watching a movie he told me again and said he wasnt palying he really did. I was confussed "you want me??? I'm right here! If your talking about getting in my pants you got another thing coming" he goes" No SAGE! I WANT TO BE WITH YOU I WANT YOU TO BE MINE, MY GIRLFRIEND! GOD DO I HAVE TO GET CHEESIE! SAGE WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME AND BE MY GIRLFRIEND?" All i could do was laugh he looked so cute and yet worried and i kissed him to give him the answer!

well that was over 2 months ago and we're loving everymoment of it. We've also gotten engaged and are planning our wedding which will be aug 29 2009!

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lol thanks we've been married for almost 2 months now and together as a really couple for about 7 months. lol it'll make a year this may that he stole my heart and hsn't given it back since lol

awwww my gash thats so cute!! im loving it alll haha

Lol cute story I heard most of it, your names Sage? Sooo pretty! Lol =)