Meant to Be...

well, we first met back in high school.i was only 16 and he was 17. we both went to a vocational school where i took nursing and he took electronics. we met the first day of my junior year and it was love at first sight. we were both with other ppl at the time so we didn't express our feelings for one another for quite some time.. i've put him through alot of stuff that i regret ever doing..i've run away out of fear too many times to count, and he came chasing after me (figure of speech) i've tried to find love in others, while he waited for me to come back..but after everything, we're still stronger then ever and deeper in love then ever before..i miss him more and more  everyday he's gone but i look at it as one day closer to seeing him again..i love you Pvt. Keith Chanay

AsheeFaye AsheeFaye
Feb 13, 2009