A Guy Talking On Two Cell Phones

 I was doing an internship in West Africa. I was living alone for the most part when I was in the capital city working alone. I decided I would go down to the Embassy for some good old fashioned American food. While I was there sitting watching the only TV available to me a guy sat next to me at the same table. As i was sitting there trying to enjoy my lunch he started talking on a cell phone a little frustrating to say the least. Next thing I know his other cell phone is ringing and he picks it up. He began talking on two cell phones. I shook my head laughed a lot and tried to mind my own business. After he was off both his cell phones he started talking to me. He asked me out on a date that night and we saw each other I think three times before he was sent back to the States. Any way that was two years ago. We continued to stay in contact over those two years I live in Canada and He is an American Military guy. So at the best of times we are separated by 2500 miles. We started dating 5 months ago. And of those 5 months he has been deployed almost three. I have spent some amazing time with him before he left and now counting down the weeks till I can look him in his amazing blue eyes and tell him I love him in person. MSN just does not have the same feel. Any encouragement for me would be greatly appreciated. 

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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

LOL Thats a sweet and funny love story. I miss the love of my life too. He just started Air Force tech School this week and I thought I would be able to talk to him to. I hear stories about others that chat all the time and I'm like WHAT???LOL I am soooo proud of him to and u sound like a great supporting girlfriend :) Good Luck

wow that is amazing, I hope everything will work out for you. My bf talks on both of his too lol. He has a personal cell and a work cell. It is so funny watching him answer both, and TRY to talk to two people!