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I have always thought long distance relationships were hard, but i never really even knew how hard they could be. My boyfriend and I both thought he bould not be deployed while he the army was putting him through college.. but we were wrong. He will be in iraq for a year, and hopefully I will be here, not the mental hospital, i feel like im going insane and it has only been one week. He hears about his friends, whose girlfriends dump them while they are overseas, and he is afraid thats what i will do, but i am here for him, this is just so hard.


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That is what makes it almost even harder, we have only been together for 6 months, but that doesnt mean i care about him any less than people who have been together for years. (everyone assumes that when they hear that we havent even been together for a year yet)<br />
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We have been good friends for a long time. This is definatley a test in our relationship, but Im so completley in love with him.

how long have you been dating before he deployed?

how long have you been dating before he deployed?

Thank you:) He tells me all the time about his friends, whose wives left them while they were overseas, which is awful when they are already so stressed out, someof them even commit suicide because of all the stress. josh had to take a suicide class while he was in training. I love him soo much, i just wish this year would go by really fast o it would be over with!<br />
He will be in Baghdad, that would be really neat if they did know each other !

It is very hard... but it's so rewarding. When he gets comfortable being out there it will get easier. Where is he located? my husband is also in Iraq, but he's at the end of his tour. He's in the Army. Maybe they know each other. Girl believe me, there isnt a day that goes by that I wish he was home. But I know that he'll be okay and he'll be home soon. Stay strong, because it does get trying at times and there are times that you'd rather give up and let him go. But believe me it's MUCH worse for them out there. My husband was telling me about soilders losing their girlfriends, even wives once they get out there. That just means that they weren't meant to be apart of this very perstigous club. It takes a special person, to date a military person. Stay strong, lean on your friends and family for support and drop by here every now and again to vent. We are all going through it and know what you're going through.<br />
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Stay strong and Committed.<br />
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God bless

thank you so much, i feel like he is all i talk about, and all i ever think about. im trying to be as supportive as i can for him, i know that alot of soldiers dont get that, some girls just give up on their boyfriends when they hear that they will be leaving, and im not doing that! i love him soo much is hard trying to survive a trying to survive my first one as well and im not going to lie there are days were i just really do not want to get out of bed...the only thing that really keeps me going is hearing from him and knowing that his r and r is almost hear and praying...just stay strong for him...let him know that you love him and that you are here for him and that you will be here for him when he comes here for you if you need to talk or vent or what ever all you have to do is message me...everything will be ok...cause i know what you are going through...just keep your head up...