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new to this....dont know who else i can talk to....

my boyfriend of 4 years came home from overseas duty and he is a completely changed person. he wasnt based anywhere very violent such as afgan or iraq in fact he said himself it was a good trip and given the chance he would go back. things were good while he was gone we talked all the time and bar one or 2 silly fights on the phone we got on great. he is being really horrible to me since he got back... drinks a lot (would have liked a drink once a wk before he left but now its more like 3 crazy nights out a wk), he is acting really arrogant and full of himself,  and just puts me down at every oppertunity. were both young, we have no kids but had planned to move in together within the next year. we have talked about marriage and kids and it was all in our plans!  He just spent our anniversary weekend in the pub and i honestly dont know what to do....stand by him or run while i have a chance?! is this just a phase and he will settle down once he goes back to normal army duties in a few wks?! any advice appriciated!

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1 Response Mar 2, 2010

Sounds to me like he's likely changed his mind about your relationship and is trying to drive you out of his life by being an a$$hole. He doesn't have the balls to just tell you like an adult should. It has no connection to deployment stress IMO. I'd cut my losses and get out of that relationship. He isn't going to magically change back to the person you thought he'd been before. I'm sorry you have to go through this. Good luck.