Surprisengly Great Loss Of Weight

I wanted to share my story with others because I know now a new year has just started and alot of resolutions people have made are to lose weight. I know unfortunetly some people make there resolution though than automatically break it because they believe its impossible to do and cannot do it anymore but believe me if I can do it alot of others can also! Well, when I first wanted to lose weight actually I was kind of living an ok lifestyle I was going to the gym, not alot though. I did eat alot of snacks though and in the morning, I ate breakfast early than I would eat another snack a little later. I do not drink coffee so also in the morning I would drink diet soda. At first as I was doing this, I thought nothing of it because I was going to the gym and I didnt think I needed to lose weight, I just thought I was curvy.
Last year though I did notice I was getting a bit heavier but still thought nothing of it, I still went out with my friends and I would get fast food with them order whatever I wanted and I would go out with my boyfriend go to resteraunts or fast food places and get whatever. After a while though I noticed alot of my tops and jeans were getting tight. I took a picture last thanksgiving with a sweaterdress on and leggings and I looked like a snowman in the picture! I also went out with my cousins and my mom for my cousins graduation dinner and I noticed in the picture my face looked very chubby. I realized maybe I should try to cut down a little on the snacking.

My mom and I looked at a weight body mass chart because my mom also said over the summer she would try to lose some weight. I looked at my age Im 27 and my weight I had stepped on the scale which I hadnt done in a very long time and was kind of scared to do I weighed 172 pounds. Wow I had thought I really needed to try to lose weight. I t had really been the highest weight I had ever got to in a while. Over the summer though I really worked on it. In the mornings I had a piece of fruit, oatmeal and water. Than for a snack I had got low calorie teas and special k bars and than lunch I would have low calorie soups or yogurt and low calorie tea or diet soda. Dinner I would have water chicken and veggies or salads. When I went out with my friends to the fast food places I would get salads and small fries. Also I used to drink like more than ten cups of soda a day but I cut down to like two or three. I also went to the gym more often, a friend from work recommended to start running because she was also trying to lose weight and she was doing it. So I went to the gym four or five times a week. I would take a aerobics class there and I would use the tredmil and run and do the eliptical and an ab machine.
As the summer went on, I noticed my weight starting to drop little by little in august I had gone away with my family to florida and noticed my legs were getting alot thinner and so was my face. I had weighed myself I weighed 150. After the summer ended in september I weighed myself again and dropped to 130. Alot of my clothes were getting too big because I wore sizes 11 or 12 and now I was down to a 7 or 8. November I had dropped more I went down a little further to 125. Now in January, I am down to 120 probably because I am still running and going to the gym and I still eat snacks but I watch what I eat. My sizes now are like 5 or 6. I am pretty happy with what I weigh now and I had worked pretty hard. Alot of it was not depriving myself or starving myself and still eating but doing it smart. Honestly there are foods out there that are good for you that lots of people like. And once in a while you can treat yourself to something like a piece of cake but just dont go crazy.
But that was my story though, and if your resolution this year is to lose weight believe you can do it, cause in the beginning I didnt think I could really! and good luck!
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Thank you for sharing your story! I'm in the weight loss game right now and it was really encouraging to read about how far you've come! Good job!