Will Help Lovely Couple Free

For a number of years now,I have been thinking about getting someone's wife, or a woman other than my wife or girlfriend, pregnant.I think about it alot and daily. Reading some of the stories of the guys who have succeeded or the husbands whose wives have been bred gives me immense hope.
I am blessed with black kids already so,I want the mother of my new baby to be white,hispanic,asian.I am not sure if my dream will come true but my desire is great.I will not do it for the fun of it;i'll do it mostly to help someone who really desires and deserves a baby and would be a responsible mother/parent.Its not even about sex,I honestly desire extending my genes to someone of another race,who also happens to nurse similar feelings.
I think it will bother me if I don't make a genuine effort to quench my desire. it has proven not to be an easy task but,I am patient and they say good things come to those who wait.
I have read some of the legal ramifications of doing this and it is scary if something goes wrong.Hopefully everything will go right and no problems will come up eventually.If the mother/couple decides to include me in the kid's life its great.If not,that is fine too.Since I am not in a relationship at the moment,I feel that its the right time to do this for myself and someone else.
I was once married to a nice lady and we ended up divorcing because she had endometriosis and could not get pregnant, no matter how much money we spent.I know millions of people are in a similar predicament.If I can help,even in another country,I will be happy to.
manomine manomine
46-50, M
Sep 13, 2012