Introducing a Bill

I am so heart sick from all of the stories about innocent babies being raped and sodomized and killed.  The incidents are rampant now and I feel that the solution is to change the laws regarding the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.  I am currently getting a petition started that will introduce a bill to make it a sentence of mandatory death penalty for raping a child under the age of 14.  I also want the law where it it a mandatory 30 year jail sentence with out the possibility of parole for molesting a child.  These child sexual predators will continue to destroy childrens lives because they will continue to hunt them.  There is one definate cure for ********** and that's death.  The "laws" keep letting these monsters out!  Some will kill their innocent victims because they do not want to go back to jail making the baby a victim twice.  I see stories in the news almost daily about some low life having raped a child or raped and killed a child or tried to attack a child or got caught posting child *********** or got caught with child *********** or videotaped themselves raping a child, and it's endless!    Did you know that a person will get a harsher sentence for animal cruelty than for raping a child?  Did you know that there are instances where the child who was raped by their father/relative is returned to that same person!  This makes absolutely no sense to me.  Something has to be done.  There is a "business" that will fly men to poor countries to have sex with little children.  It is flourishing.  As far as I know only one of the operations had been stopped.  There are many, many others.  I was online one day browsing and I don't know how but this page came up from some admitted ********* and he said that it is natural for adults to be sexually attracted to children and that acting on that attraction will show that child that you care for them or some such crap and I was totally astounded!  This dog supported raping children from newborns on up!!! It's just incredible!  He had a comment section and I tried to leave something for him but the page closed out and I couldn't get it back and I don't know how that was managed.  Some one posted a series of autopsy photos of a 4 year old baby girl and in the first shot she looks like she's sleeping and you see the bruises everywhere on her face and her neck. Then there is a picture where she has been turned on her side showing her back and it's evident why she was posed this way when you see that she had been brutally sodomized and her rectum is hanging out. The next photo there are two doctors one on each side of her and they have her legs open and it shows that this baby had been raped and her little body ripped up and torn.  Flesh was hanging out of her there too.  She had been raped, sodomized, strangled, and then dumped like trash.  The little 6 year old boy that was kidnapped by some neighbors,  and sodomized repeatedly by a child raping father and his child raping son while the mother *********** is always on my mind.  The pain that baby suffered!!  Right now instead of paying the price for what they did, they are sitting in a jail cell getting three square meals a day getting fat off the state!  They should be suffering not getting rewarded!  My petition will also stipulate that the death sentence be carried out within one year.  Too many smoking gun convictions have criminals on death row for 15 and 20 years.  It's ridiculous!  Richard Speck was in jail so long that he died of a heart attack before his death sentence was carried out.  Some states have this "cruel and unusual punishment" thing as a reason not to execute a convicted killer.  I say having a grown man force is penis into the body of a child is cruel and unusual.  That child is ripped and that child bleeds, suffering, and  tortured and the pain does not stop until that grown man has reached his sexual satisfaction.  Imagine the terrible pain of that happening to children as young as newborns and tell me again about cruel and unusual punishment for some monster who made the choice to hurt someone else.  The child didn't do anything to deserve that kind of treatment whereas a person committing a crime has.  Whoever made the laws regarding crimes against children must have been in on it because the pedophiles are benefiting from the laws while the children suffer!!  The same can be said for the crook in general. The victims suffers the crime and then suffers the law!!  This has to stop.  I will do my part and try to make a change for the safety of the children.  It's worse when the person who's supposed to protect them is the one who's hurting them and they have no one to turn to.  Babies don't know.  It's heart breaking.
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Aug 18, 2007