My Plan

on the night of march 28th everyone should turn on a porch or yard light and at least one light inside their homes to help fight crime! lights are a proven deterrent to crime as criminals generally don't like to be seen. if we all turn on a light on that date criminals will have to take the night off or take a chance of being seen. so turn on a light and it will be lights out for the criminals!!!!

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i wholeheartedly agree

Not to make fun of Earth Hour... but all that will do nothing at all. No energy will be conserved. At least at the power generation point. The coal will still be burned at the same rate, the turbines will still spin at the same rate and nothing will change. That goes the same for the nuke plants as well. The power plants might see a few amps drop... but they will still have to run the system just the same.


Rick... you can't get away with anything on here...<br />
<br />
Someone always foils your plan... ;p

i read somewhere that it takes more power to turn a light on and then off than it would to just leave it on for an hour anyway LOL

I have motion sensored lights all around my house, so I guess they will be earth friendly as long as no unwelcome visitors come snooping around! :)

i do have to say that if the whole world actually did this lights out thing the criminals would have a field day for the entire hour LOL

DRAT!!! FOILED AGAIN!!! but you won't stop me next time!!!!!!

you are quick LOL i was wondering if anyone would notice my evil plan to destroy the world MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!