Scared To Give Money

Here in Holland we had a tv show to raise money for all the people who were the victims of the Haiti earthquake. As a country we raised a lot of money, but far less then when we raised money for the Tsunami in Thailand. You know why, people are anxious about where their money is going when they've donated it. Does it really go to the people who need it? Or does halve of the money stay within the organisations and their top-people?

It's such a lost for the good causes organisations credibility. It can do so much good in this world but when people don't trust it, it's useless.

I heard about George Clooney's effort to also do a tv show and raise money for Haiti. How did that go? Were the Americans generous?


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1 Response Feb 28, 2010

We have the same problems over here, and with good reason. Our federal government has given tons of money in aid to Haiti during my lifetime, only to see nothing good come of it. The same is true of charities that have given money to the Haitian government. <br />
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We are charitable to the point of stupidity. Our government gives out aid money our grandchildren children have not even earned yet, and individual citizens put charitable donations on credit cards. But Haiti is such a known crap-pool of corruption that the response was lighter than it might have been.<br />
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(Aside: As for Clooney, let's just say that what many Americans think about George Clooney is significantly different from what he thinks of himself.)