Helping Others

Hello; My name is Ches and i had the great privillege of helping
a new immigrant settle in Canada. I contacted the immigration
here i Newfoundland and asked if there were others that would
need help. I had very little income at that time but was pointed in
the right direction and was introduced to a family who was going
through much persecution at that time. I got them a place to stay
in a house that my brother owned at that time. I did have a small
businessbut could not afford to have paid members on staff. Then
was told that if i worked with them, imimigration would also help me
in support also. They worked with me for over a year and studdied
untill they had learned english well enough to find a job here in the
province. I contacted them a few years ago and they are still in
the province and still working. They were very surprised i made
the effort to contact them after such a long time. They then told
me that they are doing very well in their new jobs here and thanked
me for my help and support in them making a new life in Canada.
Hope there are others who can share a similar experience because
you do not have to be rich to help another person. Just give them a
chanch to help them selves and it may supprise you like it did me.
After that experience i would like to help another if possible. If you
are in need please make contact because maybe i may be able to
help another fellow human being. I will do whatever i can to help you.
The earth will be full of the knowledge of love and truth. It is time to
take a stand for truth and love for your neighbour. A neighbour from
any part of the world. We are here on the earth at this time to help all
mankind whereever we can.
chesgardner chesgardner
61-65, M
Dec 9, 2012