I'm Desperate...

I've known my friend for about 6 months. I know it's not so long, but I care very deeply about her. She's been depressed as long as I know her, and recently she told me she'd been sad for about 2 years now.

She's having horrible family problems, and she blames herself for everything that happens... that her parents are arguing and maybe even divorcing. Her mom doesn't understand her and even doesn't care about her only asking about her grades... when she has excellent grades, everything is okay, if not....  she's a great perfectionist...

Nowadays... I feel like everything went downhill... she constantly writes about how she hates herself, how she's stupid (far from truth), how she feels like she's bugging everybody... and mainly how she wants to commit suicide... or how she HAS to, because she thinks everybody would be happier without her. 

I don't know what to do... she's 16, and her mom doesn't know anything about how she feels, because she's pretending all the time. I'm not sure if telling mom would be a good thing, because maybe she's the problem why she feels like it. I will try to contact psychologist at school, and such... I wanna help her so much, and I'm afraid she'll do it... :(

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Being there for her at the moment is the best thing to do. encourage her regularly, make every moment special if possible... I'm going through the same thing with my friend who lives far away, I'm the only real friend she had left at the moment. I'm not really sure what to do either since she's almost the complete opposite of me when it comes to character and family relationships, but I do always try to call her now and tell her I'm there.

the first part reminds me about my friend. she gets with boys almost to just say that she's at least a peice of meat to someone, so i sympathize. I'm sorry i dont know how to help