She's in a toxic relationship with an old friend from middle school. We all were close until they started dating and her gf kept her from me b/c she likes me, but I'm straight & we're best friends. My friends is just too lazy to find someone better. When they fight, she tells my friends disgusting hurtful things. She even leaked her nudes on fb one time! My friend runs to me for advice and guidance. All I tell her is to stay away from her, because she is gonna run her pride and way of life through the dirt. But when I turn around and notice I haven't heard from her in a while, I see she is back with her. I KNOW it's not this "true love" bs. She's being used. This is about the 13th time I've tried to save her from being driven crazy and alone, but it's apparent she doesn't want to be saved... I'm tired of helping and feeling bad for others. Should I write my friend a long farewell and block both of them, so it wouldn't be my problem anymore? Should I keep fighting for my friend even though it seems like a waste of time??
EbbsBreaux EbbsBreaux
18-21, F
Aug 21, 2014