Gambling Is A Lie In Which We Believe.

My diary charts the progression of my journey through the chasms of moral doubt, the quicksand of emotional instability and the labyrinth of rationalizations. And yet whatever insights I gleaned there is no guarantee that I will ever be “cured” from my compulsion. In truth, abstaining from gambling for someone who is compulsive has nothing to do with insights, it has to do with something more spiritual. A compulsive gambler can connect all the dots, have the “whys” and reasons made blindingly clear, and still want nothing more than to gamble. This realization yields the profoundly wise advice found in the serenity prayer, “Accept what we cannot control.” Accepting one’s disempowerment or surrendering to that which one cannot control is a thought that runs counter to this culture’s celebration of empowerment. Yet, that is the first step in coming to terms with any compulsion, no less one as vexing as gambling. Admitting that you are not in control takes the ego out of play and brings in the spiritual; the willingness to accept that we are limited, we are incomplete, but that much closer to our divinity.

From Diary of A Compulsive Gambler - Anonymous, (Amazon)
Tchoup51 Tchoup51
Dec 4, 2012