His Father Won't Intercede

My son and I found out that he won't be able to enlist into the Army for another 10 months. He's delayed entry. I live in a single occupancy cottage and the landlord was kind enough to let my son stay here because I told him that he had no place to go and would be in the streets. So, my son cannot live with me on a permanent basis. Because of what's happened I VERY RELUCTANTLY contacted his father to try and get him to help my son out by allowing him to stay with him, get a job, and wait out his 10 months safely.  This "man" has never been a true father or influence in my sons life and when I was involved with him he was controlling and demanding and uncaring towards us.  In four days time he has not come forward and said he would take my son in.  He sent two emails telling my son to call him and talk to him as an adult and explain what it was that he wanted to do.  My son called 5 times and left messages and there has been no response. Had he not told my boy to call he wouldn't have been mislead and disappointed like he is.  How cruel a way is this to say that you don't care if your child ends up sleeping in the streets which is exactly what will happen if this "man" won't take him in.  I have no money to support him and it's been hard having him here trying to provide for him and I am always, always broke!  I explained these things to my sons father and after the second email there has been nothing. So on Tuesday we are going to Job Corps to see about getting him into that program. They will house him and help him to get a job after his training is complete and then after the 10 months he can enlist.  It's a plan. The problem is when will the landlord say that my son has to go.  It was supposed to be a two week stay but because no one will hire him it's turned into a one month and counting situation. Any time now I will have to tell my child to leave and he will be out on the sidewalks if his father won't step in. I will talk to the landlord and try to get a little more time but I doubt if it'll happen a second time.  I have lived here just one month. ONE, and I have already come into another problem with one of my children.  It's enough to make a body feel defeated.  Always having to play rescue when kids mess their lives up and the pressure and stress is on the parent who has unconditional love and will try to help that child out no matter the circumstances or how old they are.  The only child of mine who's doing well now is my other daughter who listened to me and enlisted into the Army right out of high school. She's in college and wants to become an officer. It's the stubborn, hard headed, disrespectful children that refused to listen and made their own wrecked futures that are coming back and causing me trouble with their mistakes.  Well.

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Jul 1, 2007