Realities And Fantasies Of Magick

The idea for these posts are the questions many people ask: "Is it real? Can that really happen?"
First let me just say that these are based on my personal experiences. They may not be true for everyone, as some secrets are unknown to those who aren't ready for them. I've been studying witchcraft for close to 20 years and practicing for 16. It is a long and trechurous path, and here is what I've discovered on the subject. I think the first thing to examine are the misconseptions of magick and the ideas that have been forced upon us about the subject. What comes to mind when we hear the word witchcraft? Ofcourse, it's all the things we've seen in movies and media throughout our lives. I'm sure you have some ideas of your own. My best comparison for Fantasy is what we've seen in the media, so I'll take some time with each feild of practice and weed out the misconsecptions for you.

The Fantasies of Spells. Now, the imagery that word conjures for most is some evil ***** casting a vengance spell, or some one snapping their fingers to make something appear from nothing. (or anything of the like) Ofcourse we all know this is fantasy. It takes more than a simple jesture, or spell to create something from nothing, and it most deffinately doesn't happen in a couple of minutes. Though there are still those of you who don't realize this, it's not a "instant gradification" type deal. Spell casting can be simple, but it is also a very involved process. Now on the other hand, there are those of you who have been practicing for some 20+ years, and can get results much faster and more effective than others. This is generally because you have energy control that beginners couldn't dream of. Then there are yet others who were born certain sensitivities, and have no trouble at all with the same. Spells are their own animals in a sense.

The Fantasies of Astral Projection:
Well, here's an odd subject. I haven't seen a Whole lot of this in media, but what I have seen has been slightly rediculous. I've seen people completely corporial in a projection, meaning they are "solid" and able to touch and even move their surroundings, and can be seen by others. I also notice that it takes almost no effort to "get out". In earlier fantasies of projection, you see the witch riding on her broomstick which was accually just a representation of the act itself.
The reality of astral projection is that it takes work, and I personally have NEVER been carporial when projecting to someplace on this plane. Other Planes are different in that some are of the same waves as your astral body. I have heard someone say that it's impossible to project your astral body onto this plane, "Same place, Same time", but that's just rediculous. It would all depend on your level of abilities.

The Fantasies of Invisibility
Yes, the invisible man who drank some potion or whatever. This skill was saught out more than any other in witchcraft. The reality of invisibility is that there is no potion to drink, no spell to cast, or chant to chant that will make you invisible. Let's take a look at Alister Crowely. He dressed in his most outragious outfit complete with a large king's crown and took a stroll down a highly populated street. No one saw him. I don't quite recall what he stated that his method was, but I'm sure he lied about it nonetheless. Invisibility can be attained by one of two methods: Manipulation of other's sight, or Manipulation of one's own energy and aura. While the latter is advised over the other, they are both effective. Do what you will.

The Fantasies of Telekenisis
Ok, this is a touchy subject for some. There are those who have, beyond a doubt, dismissed this skill comepletely. Yes, it's taboo, but in my own personal experience, there aren't any fantasies to this skill. Maybe some slight misconseptions, but in all, this skill is very real. It would also include Levetation, which I have personally seen, and participated in. Those of you who scoff, and say to yourself quietly, "yeah right", I give you the first rule of Magick: What you believe becomes, so by scoffing at the idea, you destroy any chance of it happening in your presence. No matter how capable someone is of performing this skill, it will not happen while you are in the room. Telekenisis is an extremely hard skill to attain. It takes many years of practice and training. I do beleive that there are some who are born with this ability, though it is rare.

The Fatasies of Merging:
Well, I've never seen merging in media in the sense of what I'm meaning. I've seen "mind melds" and such, which could be compared to merging. I haven't really heard other witches talk about the skill either. If you don't know how to merge, it's a wonderful skill to learn. Merging with people however isn't advised. I think I've talked about merging here before, but for those of you who don't know, merging is the ability to shift your conciousness from your body into something else in order to hear, feel, and see from the point of what you are merging into. Easier? Put yourself into a stone, or tree, or animal, or whatever, and see what they see- feel what they feel - hear what they hear, etc. It can be compared to shapeshifting, but is not the same thing.
The reality is that this skill is very real. It can be life changing at times depending on what you choose to merge with. I don't see any fantasies forming in connection to this word becasue it's not an extremely public idea.

The Fantasies of Shapeshifting
The fantasies of shapeshifting could closely compare to those of Astral projection. There is rarely any effort involved in the showcasing of this skill. It is often showcased in the becoming of a warewolf, or other such creatures. There are also the occasional "Cat People", Birds, Snakes, and other animals seen in fantasy shows. The reality of shapeshifting is that it is very real. Much like projection, and even more so, it takes ALOT of effort and practice. It is, however, less likely that you will watch someone change into an animal, and more likely that such a thing will happen on the astral plane. For most, this experience is more astral than physical. But no matter how looney you think I am, for some it is very physical. And Yes, it has happened.

The Fantasies of Mind Reading
Though this skill is not as sharp as some might imagine, the most common form of "mind reading" is empathy. Witches in a whole are normally empathic. Not all are as fortunate, but empathy is a reality. There are cases in which someone can tell you exactly what you are thinking, but the ability to "read minds" is more rare than you would think. There are also those who read auras, which is very common and effective in sensing what someone is feeling. Help me if I'm leaving something out here.

The Fantasies of Spirits
There's always some new scary flick about evil spirits coming out. Hauntings and bloody dismemberment of families and such. The evil discussion will come up later, but first let's look at some of the worst information about seeing spirits. The one I can never get over is the whole idea that someone can just suddenly start seeing spirits. Never had any previous idea of their presence, then take one step into the right house, and "poof", there they are. I can't recall an insidence where that has accually happened.

The reality is that we all know they are here. They are around us all the time. Some are more "connected" than others. They are known as Sensetives. It is possible for others to attain the "sight", but it doesn't happen over night, and it's not because you just happen to be standing in the center of some nexis.

Well, this is a rather touchy subject as well. It only became called such after christianity came into play. Possession has become something far from it's origional form and linked in pop culture to evil spirits, devils, and Catholic exorcism. As a witch and/or wiccan, none of us beleive in anything that is inately evil. As a witch, you learn that everything is good and bad. There is a balance to ALL things in this world. Spirits are no exception. They are not good or bad, they simpley are. If we find ourselves afraid, then the spirit you encounter will naturally be scary. It is what it is, and what you beleive becomes.

Some people have spirits that are attatched to them. Some have one, and some have 5 or more. There are people who are able to attain such an entity to attatch themselves to for the rest of their life on this plain. They are known as Half Breeds or Halfbloods. There are also others who are born as "the other half" of one such entity known as Pure Breeds or Fullbloods. Yes, scoff at this idea, and then think about the spirits that are constantly there, all the time. Is there one that has been there throughout your life. Now, there are differences between these kinds of entities and Spirit guides, and other spirits of the like. I think I'll need to go into detail about this in a seperate blog if enough of you are interested.

This subject is one that is covered many time throughout our learning process, but I find that certain ideas and REALITIES are left out of the usual cariculum out of fear. These are the things that we are too afraid to talk about even with eachother. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the "evil" energy that has been attatched to such occurances. But I assure you, there are people like this everywhere. Again: It is what it is, and what you beleive becomes. So I can say here that possesions are, in a sense, real but not as they are portrayed by pop culture.

Evil Manifestations of Paranormal Activity
Ok, I am a huge horror flick fan. I've seen all sorts of paranormal activity caused by evil on the screen. Ofcourse, we all know that this stuff is not real, nor could it ever happen. Being the witch that I am, as I stated before, I don't beleive that anything is inately evil. I'm going to have to stick to the same ideas as with possesion on this.

The reality is that yes, paranormal activity is real. We've all seen too much to beleive otherwise. But there's no such thing as evil paranormal activity. I cannot stress enough that what you fear will ultimately be scary. If these sort of happenings stress you out or you are afraid of the unknown, it will ALWAYS be scary.

When I speak of evil manifestation, I'm thinking of the manifestation of spirits and being able to see such energies. Is it possible for spirits to carporialize on this plain? I've never seen it happen, though I do beleive that they are able to move things when they deeply desire it. No, there is no such thing as an evil manifestation, there is only manifestation of spirits. There are no inately evil spirits. This is all tied to the "sight", and those who don't have the sight are not likely to see these manifestations. They may only be able to experience the paranormal activity happining around them.

If you can think of somethings that I left out, or have any comments please do let me know. I'd love to hear your opinions.
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Hmmmmm? Merging. Be careful merging thoughts with a stone. Their time frame, and thought process is extremely slow compared to humans. It can take a very long time just to think about backing out. The best merges I ever did with a person was with a Priestess during sex. Sex gets really exciting and somewhat confusing at first when you can feel both sides.