Our two year old's cat who we have had since my daughter was two weeks old, went missing this past week. She keeps asking about where her kitty, Molly is. I know I'm not the only one who has ever had a pet run away, get stolen, or just lost..I'm doing this for my daughter and every child who has lost a very special furry friend and to the parents of small childern who have had to explain what is going on and the possibility that the family's beloved pet may not return. I have always loved animals, and I have taken in orphaned, sick, or stray cats and dogs even rabbits and other pets that would have died without my help. I hope that if you loose your pet you will find me. I started a myspace account just for this nonprofit project. Leave a picture, and any useful information and concerns about your pet's safety or the safety of other regaurding your pet. Give me your stories and I'll post them on myspace..I'm doing it this way because sometimes it can take days for the newspaper to run your lost pet ads, I know that alot of people who have a computer don't get the paper so they won't see your ad, and that there are millions of eyes on myspace everyday. I'll do everything in my power to make sure our pets come home safe and happy. And in the worst case senario that they don't make it home, we can rest with peace of mind because we will have closure. I hope you will all think that this is a good idea and will find me to tell me your stories..

TheLostandFoundBox TheLostandFoundBox
22-25, F
Mar 23, 2009