Learning The Importance Of Helping

I am not in need of much myself, but I have recently learned through my needy neighbors how bad things can be. They are elderly and have pride, and are not very willing to reach out because they are ashamed of what has become of them. Everyone has their issues, but there is so much of a gap in our system, that people fall. Nobody in this country should fall.

I find myself bathing her daily, as her Alzheimer's is getting pretty advanced. He is a Vietnam Vet, an ex-DEA Agent, and a recovering alcoholic. He struggles to care for her, as he has health issues of his own. We are waiting for a bed in the state-funded nursing home in the area, meaning that we are waiting for someone else to pass away. Meanwhile, she sits in her own fecal matter, attempts to feed herself, and waits. She is really not aware of how bad this really is, (thank God), and would be horrified if she were.

The house is covered with feces, as she does not know any better than to wipe it off of her hands and onto the wall. Caring for them has become a hazard for everyone. He has been hoarding for several years, and there are paths to each chair in the house. This is the saddest thing I have ever seen.

I have been in touch with many agencies, state, local, etc..., but I feel this is not seen as an urgent case. Is this so common, that everyone feels that they can really live their? I feel the need to help others in need because the system fails so. Do we really need to call 9-1-1 to get anything done? Please help me to help others more!
galedimambro galedimambro
46-50, F
Dec 3, 2012