How to Lose Weight

I am 6'6" and 260#. 5 years ago I weighed 360#. I had weighed over 320# for a long time. I felt ok. I did not realize that I was morbidly obese. I exercised on a treadmill 4-5 times a week and I felt good. Then something was happening in my life and I had to go on Paxil for about 5 months. One of the dirty little secrets about antianxiety medications is that they cause weight gain. "Oh great, I am feeling anxious and I am gaining weight without trying." My weight ent up 40# to 360#. I realized that I needed some help to lose weight.

I started looking for a way to lose weight. I found a weight lose group at the local hospital. They said you could lose up to 10% of your weight if you followed the program. They did blood work and I found out that I was pre diabetic. I has a blood sugar od 103. Normal blood sugar is 80-120. Any fasting blood sugar over 100 means you are prediabetic. I was on my way to getting diabetes. I followed the program and I lost 10% of my weight. I continued to meet the couselor for another year and a half. Two years later I had lost a total of 100#. I had a major setback when I went to help after Katrins. I could not exercise and I think I became dehydrated. That is one reason why it took me so long to lose the weight. But really, Losing weight is all about lifestyle change. it does not matter how long it takes you because it is going to be for the rest of your life. I am 7 months into my third year of keeping it off! My last blood sugar was 85. I am no longer on the road to diabetes.

I see a lot of people on EP who want to lose weight. I am going to tell you how I did it.

1. Set a goal.

They have done research and they have found that if you lose 10% of your weight all of your body functions improve. In my case 10% was 35#. I was a little doubtful but I decided to go ahead. If 10% seems too high a goal then go for 5%.

2. If a women wants to lose weight she can only intake 1200 calories. A man can only intake 1800 calories.

1200-1880 calories does not seem like much. You do have to learn to eat less. It will be enough for you after a while.

3. Read labels.

Make sure you eat the correct portion size.

4. Get a food scale.


It is the only way to keep track of the number of calories you are intaking. You can review what you are eating. It will help you to eliminate calories that you do not need.

6. Drink 6-8 glasses of water everyday.

Water is very important to the functioning of your body. You have to remember to do it. Beginning in our 50'2 the actual signal that goes to our brain to tell us we are thirsty slows down. If you work at a desk keep a container of water near you at all times. No matter where you work, keep water near you at all times.

7. Get 30-60 minutes of physical activity everyday.

Find something that you like to do. My thing is walking on a treadmill. I do 4 miles everday at a 5.2 mile pace. You MUST exercise. You will lose some weight by cutting down on portion size but your weight lose will stop and you will probably gain back what you lost if you do not exercise.

8. Weigh yourself once a week. Weigh yourself on the same day, same time and same scale.

9. Give yourself praise for your progress.

Do not beat yourself up if you gain or maintain. Keep on working towards your goal.

10. Once you reach your goal,  reset to another goal. Say another 10%.

11. Once you reach your ultimate goal maintain your lifestyle changes and you will maintain your weight.


I have finished two full 26.2 marathons since I lost my weight. This year I am going to work with a group of high school students to train them to run a full marathon. I would have never thought of doing these things if I did not lose my weight.


Good Luck!


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Well I'm trying to lose weight. I'm having trouble, I weighed 140 but now I'm 125, with no knowledge how and always gaining. Help?

Congratulations on losing so much weight. It's nice to read these success stories. It just proves it can be done if one remains focussed.

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wow thanks for this I am going to try and put some of these things in place , I am already doing a program but these things could help me do it better , thank you for the story.