I Feel Alone No My Husband Not Care Me Anymore

goodday i am lorency 36 years old married with three kids start my problems when i get marry to my husband he is nice in first then he love me as i am came from poor family.his mother dont like me becouse i am so young im in 24years old then my husband is 35years old the family not like me but my husband he never listen his mother we rent a room first after he work as a seaman he is a offecer have good salary but we rent a small room in my town becouse he told me his money he leave to his mother is okey for me start a zero after months past i pregnant with my first child he and after my pregnantcy 4months he need to work abroad again as a seaman i put my self to be strong my family not know i leave with my boyfriend after months past i delever my first baby i work in factory worker i ask him a number but his family not give me the number of my husband i ask his family a help for the bill of hospital but they never give me i apply a loan in coop in my work place to pay the bill in hospital in short they dont like me after my child is 3months old my husband want to see our child i ask him why you never contact me you never ask me if im okey when i delever my child he told me long story important he now with us after that we rent a apartment we leave together his family they try to accept me i know they all plastic to he come in my house if my husband is there but if not they never ask me how thier grandchildren until come i pregnant my second baby but no more problems he told me i need to stop working becouse if i stop work he give his salary okey i agree that becouse he never told about his salary how much when i stop working i ask him give me you salary he told me okey this my salary nextday in the morning he told me give back my salary becouse i put it on the bank but saddenly he put the money his name alone i ashame to tell why is only your name why how about my name but he told me is okey you hold the passbook after that he nice to me again since we marry he never give his money to me as his wife he send me only for the foods if we got sick and the children i wait him to ask a money for the medecene he never trust me oneday i realized is not good i need to buy store for my business if he never give me money i have becouse i have store i open my store he never give capital becouse he never trust me his money until he saw that the run of store is good have many customer everyday he told me okey i give you capital 100,000.00 for your business i apply a loan my insurance im happy becouse i have now capital becouse my capital is from the insurance of my kids i apply a loan becouse he never give a capital until he see that my business is okey he give a capital but he said to that is for your food becouse almost 3months i cannot send you money becouse the agency after 3motnhs his salary where i get my daily needs with my two kids from my business now i get many loan to survive my business and needs of my kids i cannot survive becouse he never give me money in short my business come bankrupt he never help me he told me okey go far away becouse you have many credits i feel sad and lonely becouse he never help until i try to confess him i always be there for him until i pregnat for my 3rd child but same he never care even i delever my child he never sent money to i ask the agency i need to cash advance the payment of hospetal but the agency he angry why they give a cash advance without notify him but is emergency after that he never contact me with my three kids i dont know if he already in philippines or out the country until i always cry and cry someone advice me to ask help from owwa and poea then i ask help in pao office when i ask from immegration if my husband is in the philippines they told me yes a after he arrive he never go home and until my lowyer advice me sent sommon to his mother after 6hours he go home he told me he face all and we need to talk he talk first to my brothers and sister becouse i dont have parents anymore my brother and sister he talk with them he never love me he only support my kids thats is until he promise to my attorney that he only support my kids until now he only support he never contact me i need your advice i need to move on or i waiting he comeback to me for the kids please advice me as you can thank you. lorency
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Thank you very much for the advice its true why i bother my self who treat me poorly i try to move on even its so hard for me because my kids are very young now i going to school so that i can give a good fature to my kids.i talk to my husband when he arrive from abroad we go in beach i tell him about my feeling but he have no reaction very selince man i never cry again i tell to myself i need to be strong i need to finish my studies so that i get a good job he give a money for the food he dont know i go back to school after i send my two kids to school i also go to my school almost same time my kids out from school i done also my school my 3rd child i ask to my brother if ok with him my younger son i live him while i go also my school he okey im so happy i know they also understand how me my feelings its hard but i try everything is ok due i go to school the money he send me sometimes not enough because i need to paid also the school i no other idea to survive i need to continue my studies.i bilieve that if you have a degree you can be having goodlife

You sould talk to him and let him know how you really feel and if that doesn't work then leave him. You are a strong women who deserves better than to be treated like this. Take a stand and defend yourself. He's not worth your tears nor your wait. A true man would've never even dared to do half the things this guy put you through and 35 is pretty young, you still have a hopfully bright future ahead of you why bother with a person who treats you poorly?
And never cry alone, alright? Talk to someone close to you; a friend or a family member because talking helps and dims the pain away otherwise, get a notebook and write about it. Just don't let your feeling in because that may cause depression.
I wish you the best :)

Girl you got to tell your husband to help you tell him how you are feeling he might understand you go to a quiet place and tell him how you feel because he might not even realize what he is doing