Evils Among Us

I have no clue what the creator of this group means when they say they want to "Help people like me", but, I can share a story of abuse with you, and then tell you some sites where you can help stop child abuse.

There was a girl once, let's just call her Alisa (A-liz-a) for now. She had a happy life as she was growing up, her parents spoiled her and loved her alot. Her father was a cop, and her mother was a teacher. When Alisa was 8 years old, her family moved to a new house, and her happy life stopped. Her Uncle Joe died, and left her with $12,000 for college only. She missed her Uncle Joe, and the fact that they moved away from all her friends really took a toll on her. She became a loner, staying away from everyone. Her father started working more, for they had a hard time affording the house. Her mother took the child to the counselor at the school, and Alisa eventually made friends. She walked home from school everyday, and would be home alone with her brother. Her mother got home at about 4:30 pm, and they would all play and be happy. But once they heard the garage door, Alisa would go to her room, her brother would go to a friends, and her mother would start cleaning. Alisa father never hit her or assaulted her, but he put her through another kind of abuse. This one left no marks but it left a big scar on Alisa's heart. She was being emotionally abused. She would be picked on at school for hanging out with the outcasts at school. She could take that, but when her own father eventually called her worthless, and told her to go find a new home, she would cry every time she talked to him. The mother eventually took the children to a shelter where their father couldn't find them. It was a shelter for abused women and children. The mother ended up getting a divorce from the dad, and the dad took therapy. He is better now, and Alisa is happy. She lives with her mother, and they all lived happily ever after.

There are kids that are being treated much worse than "Alisa", but even emotional abuse hurts. It can make the kid think that they are worthless, and that their parents don't want them, and it may lead to the child running away, or worse, commiting suicide. There are a few sites you can visit to help stop emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Please visit one of them soon and see what you can contribute besides for a donation.




Or even just go to google.com and type in "abuse", you will be surprised how many stories there are of kids being rescued from abuse, but you will also find that it is an even bigger surprise of how many more stories there are of kids who weren't rescued.

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I am so so soooo "sorry" for alisa and soo happy she is better now

Good point. The father had picked on his dauhter though, I believe, to build up HIS self-esteem. He was having trouble affording the house. I had also forgoetten to write in the story that he used up her and her broher's $12,000 for college on house payments. So, they lost $24,000 before they moved away. When the father sells the house though, he is going to split the money with them and give them each $15,000 so that they have money for college.

This brought to mind a time when I told my only (teenage) son to "get out!!!!" And he did, and went to stay with his girlfriend and her mum.<br />
I would never do that now (I think), because a lot of "water has passed under the bridge" and my heart has been opened somewhat; but at the time I was acting from my father's example, and was hard-pressed to acommodate both my son's rumbustiousness and defiance and my wife's being unwell and demanding that I do something effective... My son seems to have forgiven me by now (20 years on), but I am sure that if I had shown him much more love he would not be such a rough person today. Mind you, he's an Aries - they bring their parents up! However, "one does the best one knows how at the time", and I can't go on blaming myself - but take the lesson to heart.

Great story and subject. The best thing a parent can do is let their child know they are loved unconditionally. It is so sad that some parents need to belittle their children when building up their self esteem would benefit the whole family and the world.