Old Woman. Lunch Time. In Our Restaurant.

It was 3 years ago. It was our school break and my dad told me to handle our restaurant for 2 weeks.

It was lunch time and i was sitting at the customer's table listening to music. Then an old woman came in. She looked rugged. You'll know that she lives on the street. I just watched her at first. She went to the counter and she was handing something over to our waitress. Then i think our waitress told her to go away. I was curious so i went to the counter and checked what was going on. The old woman told me she wants to eat and she'll pay but for only Php5.00. She's willing to pay and not just to ask for food but that's all she got.

She was really old, she was kinda weak, but still she was smiling. I always get soft every time i see an old man/woman who needs help. So i told her, "Keep your money and sit at a table. What do you want for lunch?" She answered "Just a few rice and veggies." I think she's shy that's why she told me FEW. but then i told our waitress to give her some soup and a real meal.

After she ate, she went to me, held my hand, smiled and thanked me. Deep inside, i felt so happy! The happiness was really different. It's like I felt at peace and everything turned out positive. It was the best feeling i felt!

She kept coming back during lunch time, and our waitress knew what to do. I just kept welcoming her to our restaurant.

Then the very last time she went there, she gave me a gift. I was touched. She had nothing but still, she got something for me. It was a fresh fish wrapped in a plastic bag. I accepted it and thanked her. She was smiling. After that day, she never came back. I don't know what happened to her and I hope she's okay.

. . . let us LOVE one another. =)
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That was a great thing you did and God going to bless you over and over with all his blessings. You have a big heart. God Blessings to you.

thats right He is

You have a good heart!

what a lovely thing you did its the small things that we do that change the world.yet she had so little but managed to give you something ,true gratitude,if the world had many people like you it would be a better place.keep the love going

thats a true act of kindness.its the little things we do that change the world.yet she had little but gave you something ,thats true gratitude.if the world had many people like you it would have been a better place.keep the love

Iameliza...you're so beautiful. Jesus said "There is more happiness in giving than there is recieving" (Acts 20:35) and you just proved it. Imagine a world where everyone would be like that. <3

That is a big thing you have done there... When people eat, they feel so happy and that makes us happier.... Please continue your good deed..... !!!!!

It was a wonderfull thing that u did and the right thing to do.<br />
You can feel that wonderfull happy feeling everyday just carry on giveing every day . It's that easy.

I needed that story. And I needed it right now.... thank you! You helped another person with only the tale of such kindness.

Beautiful story thank you for sharing

***some faith in humanity is restored***

To give and to receive is really the same as you experienced here. Now you know.

that's great when we see people who has white heart like yours ,,,just you can look at streets everytime u'll find those who r in need of clothes,food,talk,and even smiles

sure,,, it's really valuable experience...<br />
congrulatulation for you Iamiliza... and perhaps that's what called HAPPY.. ;)

God works in mysterious ways, for when we feed the poor, we feed God.

God works in mysterious ways, for when we feed the poor, we feed God.

you have a gd heart i wish there could be more people like you (: thankyou

very beautiful story.

You showed pure kindness to this old woman you shall go far, kindness is a thing worth more than gold.

Beautiful story!

That's such a wonderful story!! Oh wow, thank you for sharing that!<br />
<br />
It reminds me of, what was it, Groundhog Day? Bill Murray is being forced to relive a single day over and over again until he learns something. There is an old begger he sees every day, and as much to dull the monotony as anything, he decides to follow him. The old man doesn't last the night. For the next six or so 'days,' Murray treats him to meals, gets him hotel rooms, new clothes, doctor's visits, blankets, money, anything he can think of. No matter what he does, the man never makes it to tomorrow. But always has the most grateful smile whenever Murray helps him. When I saw it, it really put it into perspective. You don't always get a second chance to do something good for someone. And maybe.. the fact that you care means more than what impact you have.

omgosh!!!! this is so beautiful!!! aaah

I know when you feel that happy that you just want to keep it going so you do something for someone.

Good for you for your kindness. I would love to know that the woman is alright.

This is a really nice story, thanks for sharing it. I really admire what you have done.

Yea.it feels so nice doing something for someone.