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I Want To Help Other People Who Want To Better Themselves.

I do want to help other people who are willingly wanting to change themselves for the better. i have helped people in my past who did nothing in return except rip me off. they took advantage of my kind heart.
rodeoqueen rodeoqueen 31-35, F 2 Responses Sep 10, 2010

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Its a sad world that we all live within when genuineness in people becomes the issue; and I know so well from being lied to, conned, and ripped off -- thus have learned how hard it is to trust others.

Through these past 9 years my wife and I have never even had a stove, a vacuum, good regular meals, or even our own home; and added has been many health difficulties upon my wife being 18 years younger at only 42; and I could go on and on and on while living for Yehovah Elohim [God] as a living sacrifice [Romans 12] through keeping faith with trust in only Him -- yet have lived daily in this world overflowing with Christian frauds that talk the talk with nothing more than a FB like or scripture on love -- yet they know not what they do -- but shall learn the hard way when by measure God returns to them in the same way as they did for others. James 1:22-25, 2:14-26, Luke 6:38, Psalms 33:18-21, Romans 9:15-18, Jeremiah 17:9-10, Psalms 91, John 15:1-6
I have a history of giving so much that my well finally ran dry; and Yehovah Elohim [God] knows my hearts intent in the same way He knows yours. My current site with valuable information for any true Christians. A bit on our way of life; and Yehovah has removed much of her pain. Over 500 of my Blogs My purpose Up to date sad and bad world news. How rulers of darkness create controlled slaves that brainwash humanity. My email

Sorry to hear about unfaithful people around u..<br />
Do a good things to others and throw it in the sea, do not wait a repaid from other, <br />
doing good thing to people make u happy. <br />
God bless u my dear..........