If You Could Have Any Superpower?

If I could have any supernatural power, at the risk of sounding like the ultimate hippy, I really wish I could just make every single person on the planet happy. Even if it made them less motivated and changed the complexion and pace of advancement of our species, I just don't care, deep down I just wish every single person had a happy place, somewhere they felt safe and warm and loved and valued. The only thing I can try to use are words and they so often just fail.

So for the sake of a vain attempt at offering something good, from the bottom of my heart, to every single person on this planet, I'm talking to you: you're an awesome person, you've come through a lot, and you are both strong and beautiful. To have coped, to have survived, is the reality of being a human. I'm wishing peace and love on everyone.

Come on people, go with it, I really want this superpower. And it's easy, you just have to feel the love :)
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That would be cool yeah, you could do so much travelling without all the waiting and queuing in airports, not to mention all the messing you could do with friends, just pop up behind them, tap on the shoulder then teleport away hehe ;).<br />
<br />
Better understanding and tolerance, definitely something a lot more people could do to invest their time in. I don't think it's a super-power though, it's pre-requisite for being a decent person :). Anyone on this planet can demonstrate good empathetic skills and be more understanding and tolerant of those around them, we should all strive towards it

you made me smile :)

:) I'm glad

"The only thing I can try to use are words and they so often just fail."<br />
<br />
Then try money instead. Take a buck, lay it down in a public toilet and just let it go.<br />
<br />
You may imagine that the person who finds it, is surprised and for a moment happy. We all need money, don't we?

It's an alien concept to me, I don't think I could do that with as strong a conviction. You can't just buy someone's happiness, and even if you did, it would feel like prostitution. I'd feel a bit empty doing that. The only exception is when someone really needs an operation of some form or other, and people get money together to help, that's always very fulfilling. I don't like wasting money, so just giving it away feels strange to me, I've always been very careful with my finances. My neighbours have a 19 year old son. He was given 20,000 through the death of one of his relatives. He blew through it in a year, bought, crashed and replaced a car, took holidays, bought playstation, tv, games etc. That was his money and he had every right to do what he wanted, but he did waste it, and I know a lot of people, a lot of families who could have used that money in a less selfish manner. Point is I think money is only the answer in a case of desperation, otherwise people just become greedy and selfish with it

I mean not giving it someone in his or her hands. Just laying it down in a public toilet.
It is not the amount of money, it is the surprise for the one who will find it.
And about wasting: You shall now give your whole money away. Just one buck next time instead of giving a word.

I just wanted to tell you that there is more than giving words.

There are some people who don't want to hear how you want to help them, hear your story.
But they want to buy themselve a cheeseburger and if they would find a buck, they'd do it.

Yes but there's also a hell of a lot of people with drug addictions who use public toilets to practice their vice, I'm not leaving money in the bog. If anything I'll donate money or leave it in a church plate, I know of a lot of priests who privately gathered money together for people's operations in the community. The state provides for the people and I don't think handouts are a good thing, too many people think they're due money. A smile is a nice thing to share, it's not about entitlement, it far pre-dates money and it's an honest and natural human thing to do. I once gave someone 20 quid to get the bus and found them the next day laying in a doorway off their face. That was the day I decided I would never just give money away, that 20 quid was a lot to me at that time

The difference in between laying it down on a public toilet or hiding the money in the supermarket

and giving it to someone directly

is the decision YOU make. If you let chance or random decide none of your predictions you have (everybody has) will influence the decision who will find the money.

A smile is something nice but really no body of this world may buy something to eat for this.

Well if I really wanted it to be random, surely I'd drop it off a building? It's not that random in a toilet, I know a lot of people that would never go into a public toilet, and like I said, plenty of addicts use toilets for their habit. I don't want to actually help anyone ruin their lives with a drug addiction.

Yeah you can't buy anything with a smile, but it can cheer someone up and make them more positive. And no matter who you are that isn't a bad thing. A more positive outlook can lead to someone doing better in a job interview, changing their life around, and then having money to feed themselves. Which brings pride and further improves their attitude. A smile can bring a feeling of self-worth, money can't.

I agree with you. But for me smiling is easier than giving money.
And some people have a big grin when they may buy something nice to eat with the unexpected gift of someones money.

Well it's up to you. But I'll do it. I think it is a true good thing.

That's cool, and I wish you the best for that, it could be a big difference for someone :)

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Midas touch baby.... nice power.

Maybe....but as I understand it ANYTHING you touch turns to gold? I really don't want a big shiny chunk of metal between my legs lol. Couldn't even put gloves on, they'd turn to gold. And you'd have a hard time shaking anyone's hand. Still, be quite cool if unlike the myth you could control it

Lol. No no sweets, what I am saying you would have The Touch, only to be compared to Midas. Every heart felt pain lifted to enlightenments and a better quality of life. Gold is cool. Smiles are hot. Nobody wants to practice cool. Everyone needs heat...

I like that, "gold is cool, smiles are hot. Everyone needs heat" :) very nice sentiment. That in itself would be a great start, if you could get everyone smiling more. My grandmother always said it takes more muscles to frown than to smile and whether she was right or wrong on the biology, a warm and genuine smile can definitely light up a room