When you talk about suicide in schools, all you hear about is how selfish it is to those around you.
When I was eight I wanted to kill myself, because I felt like I was a huge burden to people around me. I felt like people who were mean to me, which was mostly family, were full of anger and negative emotions, because of me.
I didn't want them to feel angry, or upset, or feel like they need a human outlet for their anger, so I wanted to commit suicide-to help them. It had nothing to do with me. My primary concern was the well being of others when I wanted to die.
These people are no longer a part of my life, because I decided that even though at that time no one really loved me, I was going to get a dog at some point, because I read articles on how they love unconditionally.
I'm sharing this because I want to help people, still. If you're thinking of leaving the world, make a goal. It helps.
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1 Response May 16, 2012

I know what you mean .I have been told many times being suicidal that I was selfish .It wasnt selfish at all ,I felt I had nothing positive to give in life and was truly scared to live .Death seemed the sensible thing to do .It seems its not my time as I havnt succeeded so life goes on ,till next time.