A Friend Became Prostitute

A friend of mine, whom I met when I went to a comedy show, has recently become a prostitute.

When I first met her, I felt she was high, and that it seemed that she probably had family issue and was alone.

I bought her a coffee that night, and later in our friendship, some dinners, because I wanted to know why she was on heavy medication, had bipolar, and lived by herself. I thought maybe she could use some help.

I was not sexually attracted by her, but at one point she was attracted to me, but I didn't take the chance. At some points I was tempted though. (She live alone, is kinda cute, and sexually open. Any man in my position would feel like a dog with a big steak before it!) One night, I had a dream that she invited me to bath with her, but I stayed out of her apartment, and I kept asking everyone in the hall way if they were Christians (to help me stay clear headed)

I guess she had celibate for too long (medication and her condition made her a recluse). Recently she met a pimp, and then initiated to work for him. She told me she was going to go to Oshawa with him to meet clients.

It had only been a week since she met him, and she had her first client already. When she told me about it, I asked her out, trying to sway her out of it.

She won't let me discourage her. She wont even let me start. She won't answer my call.

I had to go to her dad's office and inform him that his daughter was going to go to another city with a pimp for the weekend and that I thought it was dangerous. Her dad agreed.

She called me after her dad called her. She finally agreed to go for a drink with me before the trip.

So we went for drink (juices) and talked. I forfeited the tutoring session that day, traveled to downtown Toronto, just to talk her out of it and tell her not to go to Oshawa with this strange man. I knew some pimps brought girls to towns or cities where there were no families and friends so they could have total control over the girls. 

I think her medication dump her down and numb her so much that she doesn't really care. She wants the excitement and the easy money.

I tried to encourage her to fade out of medication before (early in our friendship), but she won't.

I am done. I feel really disgusted by her attitude. She doesn't want to work a normal job, and she wants her parents to help her out forever. She doesn't clean her own apartment, which is subsidized by the government. She is a mess. (she does try to make music though, but I think her music sucks)

At this point, I am not only not attracted to her, I am revolted by her. I will not see her again, who now see me as free lunch instead of a helping hand. 

In another story I shared how I could have had sex with her at one point, but I didn't. These days, I am more certain than ever that I miss nothing.

Excellency Excellency
26-30, M
Jul 21, 2012