Kinky Is The New Cool?

Hmmm, that damn book / trilogy ... 50 Shades of Grey etc, has gone worldwide viral introducing every man / woman and their cat to that obscure world of Sado Masochism aka BDSM.

Special thanks to Channel 4 for the informative documentary, I actually stayed awake watching it.

Well what can I say, "Kinky is the New Cool?".

Not wanting to be a prude I thought I would give it a go.

Spent 15 to 30 minutes slapping myself silly in front of a mirror. Twice, I knocked myself unconscious and wound up losing a front tooth in the process.

Somehow I don`t think I am cut out for this stuff, so I am going to call it a day and sit back and watch to see if friends and colleagues turn up with usual injuries.

One thing I will be looking out for will be hyper crazed religious types frothing at the mouth over these books. Now that`s going to be fun.

{Bought the Book and Ripped the Tee Shirt}

EnternalSoul EnternalSoul
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1 Response Aug 18, 2012

lmao..what you were doing was more "fight club" you need a partner!

Yep that would of made sense .... but my God .... I would have been devastated had I knocked her teeth out let alone unconscious.

you're not supposed to go that far! I am sub and dont want either...I fantasize about being punched in the face but really want it...theres slapping and pulling hair etc you know! A big part of it is verbal and mental stuff as well...that stupid book. I read excerpts of it and it was soooo corny.

Yep the C4 programme said as much ... very tame and not really genuine, thinking back ... I think my "Subdominus` poem is a better effort :)