How Things Change So Fast

I was so happy when I met him. He is older guy but I fell for him. He was so sweet and gentle. We were talking for about three months before I thought about telling my mom about this older guy. I was scared of what she'd say. I ruined everything trying not to disappoint anyone. I tried to hard to make my mother happy I lost the love of my life. I was a good girl in high school and I still am considering I only graduated two years ago. I miss him so much and I want him back. What do I do if he broke up with me over a month ago and he told me not to ******* call him anymore. I know he still loves me and he misses me. He is just hurt and so stubborn he doesn't want to let me back in. There was a time he would ask me what I've been doing since we broke up. He would ask me if I was talking to anyone yet. Before I left for thanksgiving I asked him if that's what he wants me to do is to start talking to someone new. He told me no. I mean that is a sign of he wants it to work right? We would still sleep together sometimes but it seemed like only when he wanted to. I felt like he was using me and I told him I was not okay with that. That's when he told me he didn't want to play games and he was done that it would be better if I found someone my own age. Do I still have a chance to get him back?
heartbrokenandscared heartbrokenandscared
Nov 28, 2012