Help My Little Sister Get On With Her Life

five years ago my then 20 year old sister was abandoned by her then husband with two children under 2. she has been trying to get a divorce but doen not have the money. he pays no support and has no contact with her. she found out recently was remarried (while still married to her) and has more children. she has applied for legal aid but denied because she has not been physically abused, what about her mental abuse. she is currently going to school to become a teacher and is working as a substitute. she makes very little money and her family lives off left over student loans. she has tried to get a probono lawyer to take on her case but noboby returns her calls. is there not something she can do? all she wants is to be divorced so she can move on with her life?he is remarried illegally and she cant do anything? any advise i can give to her?
lucybell29 lucybell29
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

sorry for my bluntness but do you or your sister have prove of the remarriage if so get it copied and HAND one over to the cops and keep the other so the basted he has no chance of hiding and hope the legal side is not to far gone it is a slim hope but hope renames eternal.