My Friend Needs Help

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, I am writing you because I want to help my friend.
He is from India, a very good and kind person. He was trying for long to start a business in jewelry at home but things went to slow and he did not have any income. Because of that he accepted the partnership of a person who turned to be a really sly man. His new partner persuaded him to borrow a big amount of money from his friends telling that later they will be able to earn much more. He did that on his name and in some months his partner left the country to invest the mentioned money in a foreign market.Later it was clear that he did not have any intention to return it. My friend never loses heart and always was ready to work till late night in order to give his daughter a better life but this time he was very tensed as he had to work harder to give the debts. Still his business was not successful and the amount he owes is too big. My friend started to look for some new deals as he had to return the debts. He left for Congo some months ago to do business there with his friends. It was supposed to be a kind of importing food products from other countries to Congo. They have been accommodated in a resort for the founder considered it affordable at that time. Things did not go the way it was expected to, meaning nothing worked even here. One of the persons my friend went with convinced them that he has studied the marked there and even presented a business plan but in reality he knew nothing about the place. And later this person responsible for the business plan tried to do some individual work that was somehow against the local general. He was caught and was warned to leave the country as sooner as possible or he would have been sent to jail. So my friend being very kind and a person with a huge soul asked the founder to send money at least for one person so that the warned one could return home and not get to jail. That one left but told my friend to stay there to continue other business that they were going to start soon. Later my friend understood that it was a lie. They just did not have enough money to pay the hotel bill and plane tickets for everyone.

His little girl remained at home with his parents and wife and only his father has a job, they sold everything valuable they had in order to survive until my friend goes home to take care of them. He doesn't know the local language and can not find a job there, even if he did the salaries in Congo are too small and he wouldn't be ever able to save enough for hotel bill and tickets (10 000 $)to return home. More over the hotel manager took his passport to be sure that he will not run away without paying. And now told him that if he is not paying soon they will send him to jail. For more than some months he is eating once per day in the room as the food is very expensive and just recently i found out that there are days when he doesn't eat anything and sometimes doesn't drink either as drinking water is also a luxury there.

I have sent him some money just to have for food and water but that is too little as I also have to take care of my family here.

I would kindly ask you to help him or tell us what can he do to go home.
Thank you in advance and

May God bless you.
inarak inarak
Jan 7, 2013