In Need Of Some Good Advice...( Communication Issues)

Okay, I have a HUGE problem with communicating with other people. I know that I'd be having much less problems if I knew how to say them.
And because of that I feel I can't control anything, I'm just letting things go as they are just because I don't know how to stand up in front of unknown people. I guess I am afraid of them knowing too much about me.

Even since I was a child I've been afraid of unknown people, and was always trying to hide. I lived in my head for too long so I don't really know how to open up or to let them know me, just s bit more. Because all they can see now is a plain little girl who is much more than it shows. I just have people problem. And every time someone new shows my mind becomes blank. I don't oppose nor am I agreeing with them. That tends to make them believe I am wothless, plain, without personallity. Just...unnoticeable.

But I know I am much more than that. If I knew a way to express my world and everything I am feeling, they'd think differently. And people who know me tell me that as well. I know it too.
It is interfiering with everything, I need to become more expressive or I won't get noticed at all and that would be a disaster even if you're extremely good at something. That is so frustrating.

So, my question is: How do I do it? How to become more expressive? Any advice?
Ankhou Ankhou
Jan 14, 2013